Video Guides

Galilean Loupes Guide (no ErgoFit Kit)
ErgoPrism Loupes Guide (with ErgoFit Kit)

Image Guides

IPD Photo

1. HELPER - Turn the FLASH setting ON.
2. HELPER - Position the camera at BUYER's clinical working distance LEVEL with their eyes.
3. BUYER - Hold a ruler across the eyebrows and look directly at the camera.
4. HELPER - Take the photo, verify there is 1 bright dot in each pupil.

Example of a good IPD photo:

Working Distance

1. BUYER - Stand in a relaxed, ergonomically optimal position.
2. BUYER - Bend arms at approximately 90 degrees - elbows close to your body.
3. BUYER - GALILEAN = Tilt head down looking at the "target", ERGOPRISM = Head in neutral, relaxed posture looking straight ahead (level).
4. HELPER - Measure the distance from the corner of the BUYER’s eye to the "target".