Extended Student Warranty

At LumaDent, our goal is customer satisfaction. We understand that as students, your clinical success is dependent on having a quality product throughout your time in school. You've got a lot of work to do and you need the best tools for the job. This is why we have implemented an Extended Warranty for all students.

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Warranty Information
Students can take advantage of our exclusive Extended Student Warranty, which covers you through your 4 years of dental school (or graduation, whichever comes first). LumaDent, Inc warrants its products to be free from defects through limited service and/or replacement of defective parts. We will service or replace any product found to be defective under the following terms:

Covered Items
  • Telescopes/Ocular and adhesive
  • Headlamp and Frames (temple arms, hinges, tip sleeves and nose piece)
  • Mounts and Linkage Arms
  • Battery pack and charger
  • Wires and Cables

  • Limitations
  • Breakage or failure due to tampering, misuse, neglect, accidents, dropping, modification.
  • If the product is not used in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations or instructions.
  • If repaired or serviced by someone other than LumaDent.
  • ANY adhesive applied to your product will void the warranty.
  • Attempting to use a LumaDent headlamp with a 3rd party power supply.
  • Submerging your product in water.
  • Scratches or abrasions on the telescopes, lenses or frame are considered normal wear and tear and are not covered.
  • Using glutaraldehydes, iodophors, alcohol, bleach, CaviWipes™ or autoclave/chemiclave machines with any of our products will void the warranty.

  • Do not have a 3rd party service your LumaDent products.

    Dropping your product voids the warranty.
    If your product is water-damaged it will void your warranty.
    1. Contact Us to create a Solution ticket.
    2. Send equipment in for evaluation
    3. LumaDent will evaluate and service your equipment (if serviceable).
    4. Equipment is returned to you.

  • Sender is responsible for shipping costs to LumaDent, LumaDent covers shipping serviced product(s) back to sender.

  • Service Information
    Deductible (non-serviceable)

  • $0 for any service (if serviceable)
  • $50 USD for replacement battery or headlamp (if non-serviceable)
  • $100 USD for replacement frame (frame only)

  • Note: Serviceability is determined by LumaDent™ after we have received and evaluated the equipment.