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uniLUX from LumaDent

Amazing customer service. Helped me replace a missing part in time to take my boards exam. Would be glad to order from them anytime!

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Rachel D | Via Google review | November 2017

Being using Lumadental items for years. No problems and would highly recommend it


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T Chang | Via Google Reviews | April 2017

I've tried LD about 3 years ago as an alternative to other brands with rather pricey lights . It's been a nothing else but a 5-star experience ever since! Great product, amazing value and impeccable customer service ! Highly recommend! Compatible with all possible loupes in my experience (Designs for vision , Univet, Zeiss etc) And it's super easy to replace components , just plug it in!! Thank you !


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Konstantin Gromov | Via Facebook | December 2016

The new UniLux white light is remarkably effective considering how lightweight and convenient its battery is, and how there is no tether needed which can get entangled. Got it in a good-value deal as part of a group buy. Customer service is prompt and professional.

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Dennis Trinh | Via Facebook review | November 9, 2017

Awesome light, and I'm very impressed with their customer service, especially for not having a rep in the NC area. Very prompt in responding when I had an issue with a light mount to my loupes. Would recommend this company to everyone looking for a light or loupes moving forward!

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Alec Bankhead | VIa Facebook review | November 7, 2017

"I have been a LumaDent satisfied customer for years. The customer service is "bend over backward", the reliability hands down, the quality beats my hygienist's light from another major dental/medical optics company. I am so happy with the quality of the LumaDent lights that when it came down to a major remodel of our 3 ops, and the old Ritter operatory lights, I just removed the operatory lights, and DID NOT replace them. Yes, we rely 100% on LumaDent Headlights, and have not been disappointed!." Bob DMD Florida

Robert Wrable | Via E-mail | Sep 2017

I first purchased my Lumadent headlight system in dental school - their affordable student discount was my first reason for purchasing, but since then, I have never looked back. Their lights are very bright, and the batteries last forever! I have also upgraded to the unilux system which makes things even more convenient. I recommend these lights to everyone!

Sean Park

I love my Lumadent light and the customer service can't be beat. This is an awesome company with an awesome light. I have been using my Lumadent light for at least 7 or 8 years now. I used to use another light but the cord got stiff. I love that I can easily replace my cords as often as I want. I also have a spare battery because they are very reasonably priced. It's nice to have one to use while the other is charging.

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Beth Haskell | Via Facebook review | November 1, 2017

Mr. Joe Davies provides excellent and fast customer service! Lumadent offers a great product as well! Highly recommend!

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Haley Glaser | Via Facebook | December 2016

I have 2 pairs of lumadent loupes and 3 lights (one for mission trips) and I can't live without them. There were some issues with the cables last year and with the glue to hold the loupes in the glasses but both were addressed at no cost to me. The clip for the light on my frames moves a bit. Make sure you unclip the light before putting it in the box. The battery clip gives me a rash on my back but I have pretty sensitive skin. Overall happy.

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Kim Whippy | Via Facebook review | October 18, 2017