1. Headlight Color Temperature? White vs Warm

    Headlight Color Temperature?  White vs Warm We have recognized that a few customers are sensitive to light; therefore, we have designed a light with 2 different color temperature options. Read more...
  2. Ergonomics - Why is it so important?

    Ergonomics - Why is it so important?

    It's no secret that chronic pain and fatigue makes life less enjoyable and quite often dentists and hygenists suffer from either one or both of these. However, both of these are easily preventable by using loupes and portable headlight systems! Back and neck pain in the dental field is often a result from poor posture, as many lean forward to see fine details or alleviate eye strain. This can be prevented by using dental loupes to see more clearly and work at a more ergonomically sound operating posture. 

  3. What Magnification be for me?

    What Magnification be for me?

    Utilizing a pair of dental loupes no matter what your specialty can both increase the quality of care and help prevent personal health issues. Years of spending your days working in a small oral cavity plays a major role in ergonomics, and how your body feels at the end of each day. Without the use of dental loupes bad habits will form and lead to poor posture and eye strain, often resulting in more serious health issues later in life or even an early retirement. Using dental loupes will allow dentists and hygenists to see effortlessly and more clearly while maintaining proper ergonomically sound sitting posture.


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