LumaDent, The Brighter Choice

LumaDent, Inc Founded in 2009, our vision is to design high-quality loupes and lights at an affordable price. All while providing the best customer service the industry has to offer.

Today, we are proud to announce that we provide one of the best lights in the market to illuminate the oral cavity. With our custom made optical lenses, we are able to shrink the LED headlamp to become one of the smallest headlamps available. Our headlamps are unique for their size, brightness, and by its replaceable wires.

We recently have developed loupes that are thru-the-lens and flip-ups. Each of our loupes are designed for dentistry. All of our loupes are customizable, lightweight, and ergonomically designed to help eliminate back and neck pain. Our crystal clear oculars provide great magnification which ranges from 2.5x to 4.0x. Our loupes will improve diagnostics and quality of care with the clarity of enhanced vision.

As we continue to expand, we will remain dedicated to our vision. We will constantly innovate our products to exceed expectations. We will optimize every interaction with our customers to provide the highest standard for customer service.