Ergonomic Loupes

LumaDent's new ErgoPrism Loupes will revolutionize the way you practice. Featuring our patent-pending, ergonomically-optimal design, ErgoPrism Loupes will enable you to practice without straining your neck, back or eyes. ErgoPrism Loupes also feature an expanded field of view, superb optical quality and full Rx capability. They're the most feature-rich Loupes we've ever produced, and we guarantee they will change the way you practice and potentially extend your career.

Invest in your health with ErgoPrism.

The proof is in the posture.


ErgoPrism’s patent-pending design will enable you to work with a “neutral posture”, meaning your joints are not bent or twisted. This ideal posture will use the least amount of energy required to maintain your position. Having a neutral posture is more important than you might realize - it affects your breathing and circulation of body fluids, not to mention the pain you will experience over time using traditional Loupes caused by bending your neck and back.

This is achieved by effectively eliminating the concept of declination angle. The Loupes do the bending and straining for you! You no longer need to worry about the declination angle of your Loupes - with ErgoPrism, that concept is obsolete.

Eye Strain

ErgoPrism Loupes will reduce your eye strain as well. Using traditional Loupes, you are basically required to look down through the oculars when using them. With ErgoPrism, the oculars will allow you to use the Loupes in a more natural way. ErgoPrism Loupes are custom made to ensure you have a stress-free experience by looking in a forward, neutral direction rather than down. This reduces eye fatigue and even cervical strain.

Expanded Field of View

The incredible design of ErgoPrism means you’ll also be able to see more than you could before in 2 ways. First, the prism construction provides a wider field of view than traditional Galilean Loupes. Secondly, your new ergonomic posture will move your head 2-4 inches father from the working area than traditional Loupes would allow. Basically this means your Loupes are magnifying more working area than traditional Loupes would be capable of.

Not only is the view through the Loupes superior to traditional designs, the peripheral view is expanded as well. By custom making ErgoPrism Loupes to each user’s specifications there is a greatly expanded periphery. This means it is very easy to look outside of or around the oculars because they don’t block your vision as much as traditional Loupes do.
2.5x to 3.0x 3.5x to 4.0x 4.5x+
ErgoPrism Recommended 3.3x ErgoPrism 4.3x ErgoPrism 5.0x ErgoPrism
Magnification Field of View
(@21" WD)
Depth of Field
(@21" WD)
Weight (on
InfiniTi frame)
Rx Ready Price
3.3x ErgoPrism 3.5" (89mm) ±3" (±76mm) 67.8g Yes $1995
4.3x ErgoPrism 3" (75mm) ±2" (±51mm) 68.2g Yes $2495
5.0x ErgoPrism 2.5" (65mm) ±1" (±26mm) 69.2g Yes $2995

Optical System

The ErgoPrism optical system is an outstanding piece of design. ErgoPrism oculars feature a roof pentaprism construction, which is both compact and provides outstanding magnification. The long optical length means we can achieve higher magnification than traditional Galilean Loupes and the optical-grade glass ensures you’ll be seeing your working area in crystal-clear quality from edge-to-edge. This design also eliminates what would traditionally be the “declination angle” of Loupes. With ErgoPrism, the image is bent through the roof pentaprism in the telescope and into your eye so that you can work ergonomically without putting any stress on your body.

Rx Ready

ErgoPrism Loupes are 100% Rx-capable. You can have your visual prescription filled in the oculars themselves or in the carrier lens on the Loupes frame… or both! Optional upgrades such as progressive or high-index lenses are also available.

We are proud to offer Essilor© lenses with our prescription services.


Our trademarked ErgoFit system will make sure you have the custom-fit ErgoPrism Loupes you need. All you need to do is wear the frame you ordered and snap us a few pictures and we’ll have all we need to custom-make your ErgoPrism Loupes. There is a simple, pre-filled form with instructions and example photos that we use to collect the data we need.

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