Standard Warranty

At LumaDent our goal is customer satisfaction. In the rare instance that you are not 100% satisfied with our products we will gladly accept returns at any time during the first 45 days of receiving the shipment. Simply return the product back to us in its original packaging, and we will provide a full refund, minus the original shipping and handling charge.

Even beyond the 45 day trial, we offer a range of services to keep your products in good working order. Read below to learn about our warranty, services and return policies.

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Warranty Information
LumaDent, Inc warrants its products to be free from defects through limited service and/or replacement of defective parts. We will service or replace any product found to be defective under the following terms:

  • Telescopes/Oculars and adhesive - Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Headlamp and Frames - 2 year Limited Warranty
  • Mounts and Linkage Arms - 1 year Limited Warranty
  • Battery pack and charger - 1 year Limited Warranty
  • Wires and Cables - 6 month Limited Warranty
  • LumaVAC motor, remote, suction arm and UV-C light - 1 year Limited Warranty
  • ThermoScreen tablet and power cable - 1 year limited warranty

  • Limitations
  • Breakage or failure due to tampering, misuse, neglect, accidents, dropping, modification.
  • If the product is not used in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations or instructions.
  • If repaired or serviced by someone other than LumaDent.
  • Warranty does not cover lost or stolen products.
  • ANY adhesive applied to your product will void the warranty.
  • Scratches or abrasions on the telescopes, lenses or frame are considered normal wear and tear and are not covered.
  • Using glutaraldehydes, iodophors, alcohol, bleach, CaviWipes™ or autoclave/chemiclave machines with any of our products will void the warranty.

  • Process
    1. Contact Us to discuss the issue you are experiencing.
    2. Send equipment in for evaluation
    3. Evalutation
    4. Service/replace defective equipment
    5. Equipment is returned to you.

  • Sender is responsible for shipping costs to LumaDent, LumaDent covers shipping serviced product(s) back to sender.
  • For any replacement parts or products serviced or exchanged under warranty, sender is responsible for shipping the product to LumaDent.
  • For some smaller accessory products that are inside their warranty coverage period, the product will not be shipped back to LumaDent. In these cases, LumaDent will ship a replacement product without receiving the original product. Customer is responsible for paying shipping charges in these cases.

  • * Note: Serviceability is determined by LumaDent® after we have received and evaluated the equipment.
    Service Information
    LumaDent will service many of our products beyond the warranty period. If you are experiencing an issue with your equipment and you are outside the warranty period, please Contact Us to initiate a service ticket.

    If you wish to service your V3 batteries, please use this product.

  • All service prices are in USD
  • Serviceability is determined by LumaDent after we have received and evaluated the equipment.
  • Sender is responsible for shipping costs to LumaDent. LumaDent covers shipping serviced product(s) back to sender.

  • * Unfortunately, we no longer service our discontinued V1 and V2 equipment. If you're not sure if your equipment is serviceable, please Contact Us.

    The information listed in this "Service" section does not apply to LumaVAC. Further information regarding LumaVAC servicing will be provided here when it is available.
    Exchange Information
    LumaDent will exchange any purchased products within their 45 day trial period free of charge (for items of equal value). Any price difference between the exchanged items will be refunded or collected as needed.

    Exchanges may be initiated within your 45 day trial for almost any reason:

  • Change battery color
  • Received wrong product (mount, etc)
  • Want a different LED Package
  • Change magnification
  • Change LED color temperature

  • If you're within your 45 day trial and would like to exchange your product for a different one, please Contact Us.

    * NOTE REGARDING 45 DAY TRIAL: Any price difference between products you are exchanging must be paid before we will ship the new product to you. Likewise, if the new product is cheaper then the difference will be refunded to you. There will be a shipping fee associated with exchanging your product.

    PPE Products (LumaVAC, LumaShield, N95 Masks and all replacement parts and accessories) are not eligible for exchanges.

    * NOTE: Warranty Limitations apply to exchanges. If your product has been damaged, misused, or modified then it is not eligible for an exchange. See "Warranty Limitations" above for more information.
    Return/Refund Information
    LumaDent will accept returns for a refund within the 45 day trial period, except for shipping and any other service fees (prescription service, etc).

    There are no returns or refunds issued for PPE products, including LumaVac and it's accessories, LumaShield and it's accessories, ThermoScreen and it's accessories and N95 Masks.

    * Note: Shipping is non-refundable.
    ** Note: Prescription service for Loupes is non-refundable.
    *** Note: Customer returning product is responsible for paying shipping.