Identify Your Loupes

Included on this page are a few ways to help you identify which Loupes you're using. There is also a list of known-compatible Loupes.

Product Instructions

This section includes original instructions that were packaged with your order for our Loupes or Headlight Packages.

Mount Installation

Here you will find step-by-step guides for installing many of our most common mounts. Video, photo slideshows and downloadable PDFs available.

Loupes Adjustments

Not seeing properly through your Loupes?

This section will help you adjust your Loupes into the proper position/fit so that you're seeing clearly.

Measurement Guides

Here you'll find guides for getting the measurements we need to make your custom Loupes. These are:

  • IPD Photo
  • Clinical Working Distance
  • VPP Photos (Prism Loupes Only)
  • Parts Replacement

    This section contains step by step instructions for replacing parts such as Temple Arms or Control Cables.

    And no, you wont need all these tools.

    Cleaning & Care

    What to do and what not to do to keep your LumaDent products in good shape.


    Included here:

  • Composite Filter Installation
  • O-Ring Removal
  • More coming soon
  • Need assistance? Contact us.