LumaDent™ is well represented throughout Canada by a team of wonderful Registered Dental Hygienists.

“Team Canada” understands the importance of proper posture; we know the value of magnification and illumination and we know that education is the key. If our clients understand ergonomics, working distance and interpupillary distance, they can wear the LumaDent™ loupes and lights with confidence. Our goal is simple, to extend careers by providing cherished loupes and lights!

School visits, office visits, trade show participation or speaking at an event, Team Canada is there to assist you. Customer service is our #1 Priority. We work closely with professional communities across Canada, dental, medical, and veterinary to name a few, to ensure that our customers are overjoyed with their LumaDent purchases. We also love referrals so spread the word!

Contact your local Team Canada sales associate, or if there is no associate nearby, contact Tim and he will look after your request!

Canadian LumaDent™ Sales Reps

Val Herring

Vancouver Island