Overhead vs Headlight

Overhead vs Headlight Dental work requires precision and care. If you can't adequately see your working area, then you're not performing to your full potential. Explore the benefits that an LED headlight package can bring you!

Using traditional overhead lights for dental work can be a lot like using a sledgehammer for carpentry - you'll get that nail in there, sure, but there's no reason to use all that tool for such a small job; it's overkill. Using a simple claw hammer would be less expensive, less cumbersome, faster, produce a better finished product and a more satisfied customer.

Our LED Headlight Packages are just the tool you need. For dentistry! Not carpentry...

There are actually several benefits provided by using LED headlights in dental work, even if you don't use magnification.

  • Less Heat Generated
  • Traditional overhead lights can generate a lot of heat. The amount of heat generated by these types of lights can be uncomfortable for both you and your patient. Having a light that produces too much heat can also affect curing. Our LED headlight systems generate much less heat in a more focused area, meaning a more comfortable experience for both you and your patients.

  • Fewer Shadows
  • Having lighting directly in your line of sight means a more clear view with fewer shadows caused by traditional overhead lighting. This also means you'll no longer need to continually adjust the overhead light so you can see properly.

  • Superior Clarity
  • Our award-winning HL360™ LED Headlight produces a "Neutral White" light, ensuring you'll see clear and accurate colors. Also available in our "Warm" color temperature, for those with eyes more sensitive to light.

  • Value
  • In addition to all the great benefits, our award-winning headlight packages feature several included items, such as a custom mount, composite filter, charger and more. Not only are our LED headlight systems cheaper than traditional overhead light solutions, you'll find that our prices are fiercely competitive when compared to competing headlight system providers.

  • Choices
  • We offer a variety of products to cater to your specific needs. Our powerhouse ProLUX™ system works up to 40 hours on a full charge, our uniLUX™ system is lightweight and available in 5 colors, and the new airLUX™ is our 100% wireless headlight system. We also have over 50 unique mounts to attach our headlight systems to any loupes on the market.

    Whatever your needs are, LumaDent™ has a solution for you.