Temple Arm Replacement

Below you will find step-by-step instructions, photos and a downloadable PDF for how to replace your LumaDent Temple Arms.

1. Remove screw from top of hinge.
2. Grab your new temple arm.
3. Insert a dental tool through the hole on the hinge and extend the hinge as far out as it will go.
4. Insert another dental tool into the slot behind the extended hinge to keep the hinge in place. *note: the hole on the hinge and the holes on the frame will not line up properly unless the hinge is extended.
5. Insert the extended hinge on temple arm into slot on frame.
6. Insert screw into top of the frame.
7. Tighten screw down.
8. Done!

Step-by-step photo slideshow tutorial.
Downloadable PDF version available here: Temple Arm Replacement Instructions