ProLUX Headlight | Essential

Having proper illumination is crucial for both dental and medical professionals. Our easy to use ProLUX Essential Kit showcases a lithium-ion ProLUX battery with an operating time up to 40 hours and our HL360 LED headlamp (available in warm or neutral) which produces up to 60,000 lux into a perfect circular beam with even edge-to-edge brightness. This is the best option for those looking for the best price. Reduce procedure times and eliminate shadows commonly caused by traditional overhead lights.

Make The Brighter Choice and elevate your practice with ProLUX!

Included with your ProLUX Essential order:
1x HL360 Headlight, 1x ProLUX Battery Pack, 1x mount, 2x Control Cables, 1x charger, 1x Composite Filter, 1x Wire Accessories, 1x Snap-lock Linkage Arm, 1x Hex Key.

Work all week
Our flagship headlight system, ProLUX, features a commanding 40* hours of use on a single charge and recharges fully in only 2.5 hours. You’ll never suffer from downtime due to a dead battery again when you can work for days at a time on a single charge.

* Up to 40 hours. Actual performance may vary based on preferred light intensity, charging practices and other factors.

Smart Control
Easily power your system on or off, change your light intensity, or check your battery level with one intuitive, easy-to-use control. ProLUX includes a switch that mounts on your temple arm and a button built onto the battery itself - either one operates your system. Use whichever suits your style!

Ergonomic Design
The lithium-ion battery is encased in a sleek, rounded-edge, anodized aluminum casing that reduces fingerprints and snags while keeping the weight of the battery down to just 5.7 ounces.

Charge Level Indicator
Quickly and easily check the charge level of your ProLUX battery by simply holding down the switch or button - either gets the job done.

Easy to use Clip
Attach your ProLUX system anywhere you find convenient with the built-on belt clip. The included 5 foot control cable means you have the range to clip it anywhere you need.

Big Performance comes in small packages
Despite its multiple-function capability and 40 hour usage time, the ProLUX battery pack is smaller than a deck of cards. That’s a lot of power in a little package!

HL360 Headlight
Weight: 5.3g
Length: 37.2mm
Diameter: 14mm
Beam Size: 11.43cm (at 17" Working Distance)
Brightness: 12000 Lux

ProLUX Battery
Weight: 162.9g
Length: 56.06mm
Width: 23.48mm
Height: 80.5mm
Charge time: 3 hours
Usage time: Up to 40 hours
Battery type: Lithium-Ion

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