HL360™ LED Headlight Upgrade Kit

The HL360™ Upgrade Kit is for those looking to replace their current outdated headlamp with our newest headlamp, the HL360™ which features a perfect circular uniform beam with even edge to edge brightness, an upgradeable LED, and replaceable wire. Blue light compliant and compatible with even older LumaDent™ headlamp systems.

*** This item does not include batteries or a mounting solution.
It is for upgrading your LumaDent™ headlight only.

Included with this item: 1x HL360™ LED Headlight, 2x Control Cables, 1x Composite Filter, 1x Hex Key.

*** Please allow 1-2 business days for order processing.


HL360™ Headlight
Weight: 0.2oz
Length: 37.2mm
Diameter: 14mm
Beam Size: 4.8"/121.9mm (at 19" Working Distance)
Brightness: Up to 60,000 LUX (varies by type of battery used)

Wire lengths
ProLUX®: 5ft
uniLUX®: 1.6ft
V3: 5ft

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