O-Ring Removal

Below you will find step-by-step instructions, including photos and a downloadable PDF for how to remove the yellow O-Ring from inside your light plug.

1. Verify the yellow O-Ring is inside your light plug. It can be difficult to see. Use a light to look into the plug if you're not sure.
2. TOOL NEEDED: K-File #35 (green). It is very helpful and makes it much easier to remove the O-Ring if you bend the tip of the K-File as shown in the photos below.
3. Insert K-File into the plug. Push it UNDER the O-Ring.
4. Hold the plug upside down (gravity helps).
5. Twist the K-File under the O-Ring to "grab" the O-Ring.
6. Pull out the K-File and the O-Ring will come with it. *** It may take several attempts.
7. Throw away the O-Ring and the wire it came off of. You will need to use a new wire. If you attempt to use the old O-Ring and wire you will likely experience performance issues with your headlight. (Don't have another wire handy? They're available here in packs of 2)
Step-by-step photo slideshow
Downloadable PDF version available here: O-ring Removal Instructions

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