Don't let aerosols
contaminate your office

Mitigate them with LumaVAC

It is more important now than ever to make sure your office is free from dangerous aerosols. Droplets and aerosols containing viruses or bacteria are a constant factor when practicing dentistry and the more preventative and sterilization measures you take, the safer you and your team will be.

LumaVAC is an extraoral aerosol suction system. With LumaVAC, you can collect, filter and sterilize aerosols and prevent them from contaminating your office atmosphere.

✔ Collect aerosol → ✔ Filters and sterilizes particles down to .3µm → ✔ Clean air

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- Strong suction: 140CFM (3964L/min)
- 4-stage filtration and disinfection process
- Mobile
- 360° Folding Arm
- Easy, low-cost maintenance
- LCD Display
- 2.4ghz wireless remote control
- 10-speed adjustable suction
- 12VDC, 180 watt Brushless Motor
Each unit includes:

- Suction Machine
- 360° Folding Arm
- Washable pre-filter
- Water/vapor absorbing filter
- H13 HEPA filter
- UV-C Lamp
- Hood attachment
- Wireless remote
- User manual
- Power cord

Currently available for PRE-ORDER - begins shipping early July