Dental work is dirty work.

Protect your health with LumaShield!

During the course of even the most routine and basic dental work, you will be exposed to several aerosol bio-hazards. Droplets of saliva or blood can impact you with bacteria or viruses on any given day. Surely you wear gloves while practicing... but where is the protection for your face?

With LumaShield, you can put a physical barrier between you and bio-hazards. LumaShield is also easy to clean and re-use - simply spray or soak them in cavicide and you'll be back to practicing without quickly burning through all of your shields. LumaShield also flips up out of your way when needed.

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LumaShield FAQ →

LumaShield is the first line of defense against aerosols.

- Protects the wearer's face from dangerous aerosols and droplets.
- Light weight and comfortable.
- 1 size fits all.
- Easy to clean/disinfect with cavicide.
- Universal Magnet Mount available to mount our headlight on the outside of your shield.
- Fits over all known Dental Headlights.
- Fits over most TTL Loupes.

* Additional Foam Spacers may be used to accommodate larger Loupes.
Each pack includes:
10x Front shields to protect from aerosols and droplets.
1x Top shield to provide additional protection for the forehead area.
3x Foam spacers to provide spacing to accommodate Loupes and Headlight.
1x Visor "frame" with adjustable strap on the back.

LumaShield FAQ →

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  1. Replacement Top Shields x5
  2. Replacement Front Shields for LumaShield
  3. LumaShield with Magnet Mount | 1 Visor + 10 Replacement Shields
  4. Replacement Foam Spacers x10
  5. Universal Magnet Mount for Face Shields
  6. LumaShield