Linkage Arm Replacement

*** NOTE - If you're using an older V3 headlight, the steps are EXACTLY THE SAME as the HL360™ steps below.

Below you will find step-by-step instructions, including photos and a downloadable PDF for how to replace your Linkage Arm.

1. Slide female linkage arm off of male half.
2. Remove the screw on the female linkage arm to detach it from the light.
3. Place new female linkage arm onto the light housing.
4. Tighten screw back down to attach female linkage arm back to the light.
5. Remove your mount from your loupes.
6. Separate male linkage arm from mount by backing out the screw.
7. Re-attach by tightening the screw back down.
8. Re-attach your mount to your loupes.
9. Slide the linkage arms back together.
10. Done!

Step-by-step photo slideshow
Downloadable PDF version available here: Linkage Arm Replacement Instructions