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LumaDent offers custom made loupes and LED headlights to accommodate the everyday illumination needs of Dentists, Hygienists and Dental Students. Ergonomically designed from the ground up, our durable and lightweight products will ensure you aren't bending over backwards to get through your day. You're a professional and these are your tools; having the right tool for the job can make all the difference in the world.

In addition, our products are designed with the user in mind. Our easy to use Online Store and Support sections are set up to make sure there is a solution to any need you may have. Easily and quickly order additional wires or batteries without making a call or appointment. Need to speak to a real person? We have Solutions Agents standing by during business hours (M-F 7am-5pm PST).

Explore our product lines below. Learn more about our Loupes and LED headlight packages and what makes LumaDent The Brighter Choice.

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HL360 LED Headlight

  • Up to 60,000 Lux
  • Perfect Circular Beam
  • Even edge-to-edge brightness
  • 4 light intensity settings
  • Compatible with V3, uniLUX and ProLUX batteries
  • Attaches to Snap-lock Linkage Arm

  • Our HL360 LED Headlight is the latest in our series of headlights. In addition to the features listed above, the HL360 can be mounted on almost any pair of loupes and comes with a 2 year limited warranty.


  • Up to 40 hours use on a single charge
  • Charges in only 3 hours
  • Compatible with HL360 and V3 headlights

  • The successor to our popular V3 (that silver rectangular stallion), the ProLUX battery is a powerhouse in a package that's smaller than a deck of cards. Work all week on a single charge with up to 40 hours battery life. It also features a multi-function power/intensity control button, a charge level indicator, and a belt clip for easy attachment while using. An anodized aluminum housing keeps it lightweight and durable, too!


  • Our lightest system
  • Less-wires
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Compatible with HL360 and V3 headlights

  • Weighing in at only 57.2g, the uniLUX system is our lightweight solution to your headlight system needs. It features our "less-wires" design, coming with 2 magnets included to clip the battery almost anywhere! It also features a charge level indicator and comes with a USB charger for easy charging with any USB port.
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  • Custom Made
  • Fully Rx Compatible
  • Available in 4 magnifications (more coming soon!)
  • Available on 4 frames
  • Available in a variety of colors

  • Featuring an adjustable fit and full Rx compatibility, our durable and powerful loupes are the perfect solution for your dental work needs. We offer all of our magnifications and frames in both TTL and flip-up. Their lightweight, ergonomic design helps ensure you wont be hurting after a long day at work.
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    Part of what makes LumaDent The Brighter Choice is our user-oriented design. Many of the parts on our loupes and headlight systems are available on our easy to use online store. You can quickly order an extra charger or a package of control cables from the comfort of home or the office without having to call or schedule a visit with a sales rep. Tools that are used everyday inevitably become worn over time. Keep your system in tip-top shape with our range of accessories!


  • Attaches to loupes
  • Provides secure foundation that attaches the Headlight system to your Loupes
  • Over 50+ unique mounts available

  • We are proud to offer over 50 unique mounts that attach our award-winning LED headlight systems to the loupes of most major brands on the market today. This means even if you already own a pair of loupes you can enjoy the benefits of our headlight systems too! If we don't have a mount for your loupes, we can work with you to create a custom mount for your loupes. At LumaDent we're all about finding solutions.

    Snap-lock Linkage Arm

  • Attaches the Headlight to the Mount
  • Enables vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • Quickly attach or detach the HL360 LED Headlight onto or off of your loupes

  • Eagle-eyed shoppers will notice that the Snap-lock Linkage Arms look suspiciously like the parts attached to the Mount the HL360 LED Headlight. That's because they are! The Linkage Arms are the little pieces that attach the headlight to your mount. They snap together to allow quick and easy removal or attachment of your headlight for storage or cleaning.

    Composite Filter

  • Helps prevent composite from curing
  • Diffuses light so it generates less heat

  • Our composite filter easily snaps on and off of our headlight systems. It diffuses the light coming from our headlight to make it cooler. This helps to keep composite from curing when exposed to direct, warm light. Included with every headlight package order!

    Control Cables

  • Provides power from the battery to the headlight.
  • Easy to use inline switch that controls power and light intensity
  • TWO included with each Headlight Package

  • Reduce the need to de-glove with our easy to use Control Cables! They feature an inline switch that mounts onto the temple arm on your loupes. Using this switch you can control your light instensity or power your system on or off with ease. Available on both our ProLUX and uniLUX packages. Also includes a 6 month warranty!

    Carrying Case

  • Sleek, tough case to protect your headlight system and loupes.
  • Custom, laser-engraved name plate available

  • Protect your investment with this LumaDent Loupes & Headlight storage case. Snaps closed and lined with cut-out foam to keep your LumaDent products safe and clean. Compatible with ProLUX, uniLUX, and all of our Loupes. Lightweight and durable. Premium uniLUX Storage Case (metal) also available.
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    Legacy Products

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