Flip-up Adjustments

A downloadable PDF version of these instructions is available here: Flip-up Loupes Adjustments

Setting your telescope IPD

Loosen the holding screw on the top of the telescope.

With your Loupes on, slide 1 telescope into position so you can see your target.
After you're seeing clearly through the first telescope, slide the other telescope into position so that the target appears clearly through both eyes.

Tighten the holding screw on the top of the telescopes when they are in the correct position.

Height & Declination Angle Adjustment

Loosen the screw on the height arm of your Loupes.
Slide up or down to adjust the height of your telescopes.
Tilt the telescope arm in or out to adjust your declination angle.
Tighten the screw on the height arm back down when your telescopes are in the proper position.

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