ErgoPrism TTL Loupes | 5.0x

  • Optimal Ergonomics
  • Eliminate neck & back pain
  • Extend your career!
  • Adjustable Focus Distance
  • Rx Included

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    ErgoPrism Loupes Purchasing Guide

    LumaDent's NEW ErgoPrism Loupes will change the way you practice. Featuring our new patent-pending and ergonomic design, ErgoPrism Loupes enable you to practice without straining your back or neck - AT ALL! Bending your neck and back is the old way to practice; let our ErgoPrism Loupes take the strain off of you and improve your health!

    In addition to the game-changing ergonomics, our ErgoPrism Loupes also feature powerful high magnification, a wide field of view and complete vision correction options featuring Essilor© lenses. The light materials keep weight to a minimum and the optical-grade glass provides crystal-clear, high-definition imagery.

    Our ErgoPrism telescopes offer an exclusive feature - the ability to adjust your focusing distance! Much like the lens of a camera, a simple twist of the telescope will adjust your focus area to the distance you need it.

    Nervous about taking your own fitting measurements? Don't be! All you need to do is wear our ErgoFit Frame and take a few photos. We will then digitally measure your photos to obtain the information we need - no Sales Rep needed!

    Make The Brighter Choice for your health with ErgoPrism, by LumaDent!

    Included with your loupes order:
    Plastic carrying case, 1 LumaDent mount, a neck strap, an extra nose pad and 3 pairs of Side Shields.

    *** Available in the USA only - international availability coming soon!

    Ships in 4-6 weeks from Reno, NV
    Magnification Field of View (@21" WD) Depth of Field (@21" WD) Weight (on InfiniTi frame) Rx Ready Price
    3.3x ErgoPrism 3.5" (89mm) ±3" (±76mm) 67.8g Yes $1995
    4.3x ErgoPrism 3" (75mm) ±2" (±51mm) 68.2g Yes $2495
    5.0x ErgoPrism 2.5" (65mm) ±1" (±26mm) 69.2g Yes $2995

    Frame Weight Width Length Rx Ready
    ClariTi 25.7g 132mm 140mm Yes
    InfiniTi 28.2g 138mm 143.5mm Yes
    Argon 33.1g 139.7mm 165mm No
    Argon Petite 31.4g 133.5mm 158mm No
    Classic 32g 136mm 152mm Yes
    Stellar 33g 135mm 158mm Yes