LumaDent for Dentists

DentistsThe Dentistry field is one of precision and care. The level of attention to detail is incredibly high seeing as how every smile is constantly on display. This is something that has left quite the impression on the founder and CEO of LumaDent. As a practicing dentist himself, Dr. Ton has made efficiency in dentistry the goal of LumaDent. In order to accomplish just that, LumaDent is continually adapting and improving in an effort to provide the brightest illumination alongside the clearest magnification.

Each product is ergonomically designed to be compact, lightweight, and effective to ensure the best experience for not only dentists but patients as well. This is vital due to the fact that many procedures can be time consuming and taxing on the body due to unnecessary strain and poor posture which could negatively impact quality of work not to mention potential risk of long-term injury. We aim prevent and alleviate those aches and pains, to reduce those lengthy procedure times, and to help give you and your patients a reason to smile.

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