LumaDent™ for Dentists

Dentistry is a field of precision and care. The necessary level of attention to detail is very high and your patient's health and well-being is dependent on your performance. Dentistry is also demanding on your body; the prevalence of neck pain among dentists is around 70% and musculo-skeletal disorder causes almost 30% of dentists to retire early. With the proper tools, you can make it through your work day efficiently and comfortably.

ProLUX™ Best Value

ProLUX™ is our flagship LED Headlight system. 100% wireless ready with a simple airLUX™ add-on, ProLUX™ is the heavy-duty choice for serious professionals.

  • Up to 60,000 LUX
  • Up to 40 hours use on a full charge
  • Smaller than a deck of cards
  • Charge Indicator
  • Multi-function Button and In-Line Switch
  • Prism Loupes

    LumaDent™ offers custom-made Loupes in both TTL and Flip-up. Our new Prism Loupes feature high magnification and a wide FOV, perfect for dental professionals who rely on their Loupes everyday.

  • Custom Made in the USA
  • Lightweight & Ergonomic
  • High Magnification with wide FOV
  • TTL and Flip-up Available
  • Rx Options Available
  • 100% Wireless

    All of our LED Headlight Packages are 100% wireless ready. For as little as $200, you can upgrade your existing LED Headlight Package to be 100% Wireless with airLUX™. This means you can use your headlight however you need it - take advantage of the power of wired or experience the freedom of wireless.

    No other Loupes & Headlight company can match this value!