LumaDent Worldwide

LumaDent Worldwide LumaDent doesn't only offer products to customers in the USA - we can ship almost anywhere! Learn more about how we cater to our international customers.

Dentistry is a human need - oral hygiene is important to us all. This is why we have products that are made to work almost anywhere in the world. Really the only places we absolutely cannot ship to are Sanctioned Countries - Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.

To ensure international customers aren't left in the dark, our LED Headlight Packages feature very simple charging. Our airLUX™ and uniLUX™ Packages feature a USB Charger for easy charging anywhere in the world. Our powerhouse ProLUX Packages ship with an included Gen 3 Charger which plugs into a wall outlet. We offer a few international plug options for our Gen 3 Charger:

Soon, this website will feature multiple languages! We are in the early stages of implementing a service that will make our website available to people all around the world in their native language.


Our Shipping & Handling fee does not include any international fees. All international orders are subject to the customs duties, taxes, tariffs or other fees of the country the order is being shipped to. Recipient is responsible for any customs duties, taxes, tariffs or fees assessed by receiving country. LumaDent™ has no control over these costs and we cannot avoid them.