ErgoPrism Loupes Change Lives

ErgoPrism Loupes Change Lives When we say ErgoPrism Loupes will change your life and extend your career, we aren't joking. ErgoPrism Loupes go above and beyond what traditional loupes have to offer by eliminating neck, back and eye strain. Don't manage your pain symptoms - prevention is always the best option.

Read some first hand stories below from people who have experienced the difference for themselves.

"Thank gd for the Lumadent ergoprisms, the future of loupes.
1. I’ve had them for two months now.
2. My neck pain is gone." - Shiva M from California

"These are my absolute favorite dental loupes and lights! The quality is the best and the customer service is phenomenal! I like them so much I own several pairs!! Justin always finds time to respond back in a timely manner and goes above and beyond to deliver the best service!" - Lancette V from Nevada

"Over the years, loupes haven’t changed all that much; this is a significant innovation. I can genuinely see the ErgoPrism Loupes saving backs and necks, thereby careers everywhere." - Amanda Hill, BSDH, RDH (snippet from an article published in the March 2021 issue of RDH Magazine "Chairside Impact: Sitting pretty with ErgoPrism loupes by LumaDent")

"After a few years of neck and should pain I was thrilled to try ergo prism loupes. It took some time to get the working length right and lumadent's customer service is exceptional. Ariane was quick, friendly, and worked hard to find the right solution for me. Thank you Ariane for helping my loupes fit perfect! Amazing product and even better customer service!" - Esther K from Massachusetts

"I wanted to share how glad I am about going with Lumadent. I purchased their ergo prism loupes and it has really helped my neck pain. Total game changer for me. I had some tweaks I needed done to my mounting of the prisms and we followed their processes and got them fixed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these guys. I've used their frames and headlights for my assistants and then I have their loupes and their headlight. No big problems so far." - Justin N from Texas

"I've been using a Lumadent headlight for years and it's great, charge lasts a long time, battery charges quickly. I've received great support for accessories for the light as well. Recently purchased Ergoprism loupes and am very happy so far, I've never been able to practice with such good posture before, they're everything I was hoping they'd be." - Brady G from California

"I love my ErgoPrism loupes and warm ProLux light by Lumadent! After over 20 years of practicing dental hygiene, I really appreciate the ergonomic benefits and visual clarity these loupes and light offer. Their customer service is great. Ariane Nepomuceno responds quickly to my questions and offers helpful suggestions. She kept me informed on the progress and expected delivery return date after some adjustments were made and swiftly sent replacement parts. Thank you, Lumadent!" - Michelle K from Indiana

"Received my Ergoprism loupes and absolutely love them. I am so excited to be out of neck pain for the first time in ten years. Amazing!" - Luke P from Alabama

"Just want you to know, my ergo prism loupes are the best purchase I have made in dentistry, that have directly affected my health and well-being. Thanks for helping me get on the path to reduction of neck back and shoulder strain. 100% improvement." - Tyler H from Tennessee

"I remember the first time I used a scope to complete molar endo. It took a little bit to get used to it but once I had the hang of it I never wanted to go back. It's the same with the Ergo Prism Loupes. Once you make the switch, you'll never want to go back to a traditional set of loupes. I genuinely believe the they have improved my quality of life and have added years to my career." - Clayton C from Arkansas

"The loupes are such big help. I’ve been practicing for over 10 years and feel it taking a toll on my neck, especially when you are working 2+ hours continuously. Definitely a breakthrough in ergonomics and posture." - Dan D from Pennsylvania

"These loupes have changed my life - honestly. I bought them on a whim at Yankee Dental when they were first released because of years of chronic back, neck, and shoulder pains. Between these loupes and my saddle chair, I almost NEVER have those pains anymore. Best money I've spent on my health to date! I've shown them to other providers in my office as well and they're all considering buying them as well. :)" - Roz N from Massachusetts

"I worked with my local rep, Josephine Medina, in choosing my new loupes. I purchased the Ergoprism loupes and already noticing the improvement in my neck and back. Highly recommend. Thanks Josephine!" - Saddia P from New York

"I ordered these loupes completely online through the website and I couldn’t provide a better review! The loupes, frames, battery, case, everything you get with your order is TOP NOTCH. Everything is great quality and works flawlessly so far." - Brittaniy B from Oregon

"Great loupes! I have just purchased the Lumadent ergoprism loupes. This is my 3rd lumadent pair and my first ergoprism loupes. These new deflection loupes do wonders for my neck and back. It keeps your body in a neutral, straight position and prevents the unwanted bending and twisting of your body. Highly recommend!" - Vinh N from Delaware

"I absolutely love these loupes. It eliminates the back/neck pain and truly goes above and beyond what is promised. I find that it helps me excel in my work in dental school." - @sushmaa

"With the help of these loupes, I believe I could go the rest of my life without another steroid injection in my back since hunching over the patients mouth is now my main cause of back pain." - @graciegrowing

I am a dentist is Mississippi who recently purchased the Ergoprism loupes. Wow, just wow! I have been practicing dentistry for 24 years. On April 16th. I ruptured the disc between cervical vertebrae 6 and 7 and had cervical fusion neck surgery on May 12th. The pain leading up to surgery was excruciating. My fingers on my left hand went numb. The pain down my left arm was a 10/10. I feared my career was over. I was unable to treat patients for six weeks after surgery and I am still limited as of today. In researching ways to hopefully prevent future neck trouble, I was fortunate enough to have located your Ergoprism loupes. I received my loupes on August 16th. Life changing, love ‘em, never felt better!! I truly believe these loupes will help extend my dental career. The biggest change I noticed was that my shoulder and back posture became ideal while wearing the Ergoprism loupes. Once the head was correct, everything else seemed to follow. I experienced a very small learning curve and basically became fully comfortable after two days of consistent wear. Some items I altered were:

- With injections, I would have the assistant hand me the needle capped. I would then bring the capped needle to my off hand for removal. I felt safer that way.
- To get oriented, I would place my dominant hand on the patient’s chin. - Michael A from Mississippi

"I purchased a pair of Lumadent Ergoprism loupes a few months ago to replace my 12 year old school purchased loupes. I had seen an article on these in a hygiene magazine and was intrigued. After a very informative Zoom call with sales Josephine Medina, I made my decision for the ergoprism 4.3 x. The at-home photo fitting session was a breeze with Josephine’s help.
To say these have been life altering is almost an understatement. I was in constant neck and shoulder pain ( ibuprofen 3 x a day, physical therapy, tens unit etc) for years before I started with my ergoprisms. I used them from the moment I received them with a very short adjustment period. Within just a few weeks, I have been pain free. No more end of the day fatigue and I’m working more hours! My perio charting is faster because with the higher magnification and increased field of vision, I can see better.
I truly can not say enough positive things about these loupes and Lumadent." - A Google User

"LIFE-CHANGING loupes! If you're in New England, you have to work with Jo Medina--she is amazing!! Best rep I've worked with (of 3 across different loupes brands). I'll preface this review by saying that it DID take a long time to get these fully adjusted. From my order date, I think I ended up waiting 3 to 4 months (mostly waiting for shipping to/from Nevada), but in the end, it was definitely worth it. I'm about to graduate from dental school, and even in the past two years of clinic, I've had horrible, almost constant neck pain. I started with DFV loupes but tried looking for a different brand that would let me stay more upright, specifically something with a steeper declination angle. I tried Surgitel because they said they could do steeper, but after a brief trial period, I had to return them because they made no difference. I met with an Orascoptic rep, but it didn't look like they were going be any different either. After researching, I found Pentax loupes, which are actually this style of deflection prism loupes, but they were only available in Japan. In the end, I was just kind of resigned to a career of pain (or quitting dentistry after finishing my scholarship payback period). More recently, I was looking for a new headlight and ended up here on the LumaDent website. I was extremely excited when I saw the new ErgoPrism loupes, which were just like the Pentax loupes I had found. I called Jo because she was my area rep, and we put in an order. I won't comment much on the fitting process--it was pretty straightforward. I first got the loupes back in December, and I could tell that the convergence was off. To some extent, I don't this is measurable from your eye position/working distance--partly a matter of individual preference. Also, since it's a new product, I figure they were still working out the kinks. I reached out to Jo, she helped me get set up with customer service, and we sent them back for adjustment. We did this twice, without improvement. With these first customer service interactions, I didn’t feel like the service team understood what I was telling them. Jo did her best to make sure communication was as clear and quick as possible, but I think the service team just needed additional training. I was just going to give up and keep the loupes as is (even under-converged they were much better than my existing loupes), but Jo convinced me to try one more time. She escalated my case to a specific member of the service team, and he actually understood what I was saying, asked relevant questions, and we simulated the fix even before I mailed them out. Needless to say, when I got them back the final time, they were almost perfect. Now that I have them adjusted, I love them! I’ve used them for the past 3 months, and my neck pain is pretty much gone. I thought it’d be harder to get accustomed to them, but I started using them the week before my CDCA exam and felt confident enough to use them for the test. Takeaways: you’ll need to be patient, but if you’re worried about/already have neck pain, these are 120% worth it. The service team is hit or miss, so don’t order directly through the website--get a sense of your area rep and see if they’ll advocate for you. Again, if you’re in New England, I can enthusiastically recommend Jo! Overall, even after the service team headache, I still have to give these 5 stars because of the difference they’ve made for my pain." - Paul C from Massachusetts