Cutting the Cord | Wireless from LumaDent

Cutting the Cord | Wireless from LumaDent Tired of dealing with wires? Don't like being tethered? With the introduction of our new 100% wireless airLUX™ LED Headlight System it is time we talk about the benefits of “cutting the cord”.

No wires? No worries.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • No snagging or catching wires

  • This HL360™ compatible battery is the most compact and lightweight battery of it’s kind on the market to date with a weight of only 17g. That is about the same weight as a compact disc (CD). Utilizing the aforementioned award-winning HL360™ LED Headlight which attaches directly to the airLUX™ makes for the most iconic duo since PB & J. Providing 3.5 hours of battery life and an output of 21,000 Lux, putting the “LUX” into airLUX™.

    Easy to use on/off touch control which even works through gloves and clothes, so there is no need to worry about degloving for use. Simply give it a tap to power on and off at your discretion. You might be thinking “It can’t get any better than that” but it can. Charging the airLUX™ is as easy as charging your phone with the use of our Micro USB Charger.

    Experience the freedom of going 100% wireless with airLUX™

    In summary the airLUX™ is so light that you will barely notice you’re wearing it, you don’t have to worry about any loose wires or snagging because it is 100% wireless, it’s easy to use, it can be charged anywhere with the use of a Micro USB, and it is made to complement the DentalTown Townie Choice Award-Winning Best LED Headlight of 2018.
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