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Why should you choose LumaDent?

LumaDent offers reliable and high quality products at resonable prices that are hard to beat.


We started with the goal of providing a better lighting solution that what was currently available  at a far better price. We succeded at this goal and have now moved on with the goal of providing one of the best LED Headlights, a lighter, afordable option for Dental Loupes, and the best customer service in the industry.


To prove we are deticated to this goal we are constantly improving our products and increasing our quality. Each day we are making progress on revising and updating our design and developing new one of a kind products.

We manufacture 100% of our products in the United States and test each individual component to ensure the quality of any item that leaves our facility. Should you not be satisfied with your purchase or have any concerns, we have our expert customer service representative staning by to provide the service we can.

 Don't spend your hard earned money on a sub-par product. With LumaDent we garuntee you will be more than please with any of our products.