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UniLux LED Headlight System

UniLux is the new innovative LED light that exceeds modern standards at an affordable price. Its unique all-in-one integrated design will unify your loupes or other eye protection with direct illumination. This lightweight setup distributes the overall weight across the frame to maximize comfort and provide fundamental ergonomics. High ergonomic standards are met with our cable-less design with advanced intuitive controls. No longer deal with tight eyewear straps with our innovative strap-less design which facilitates better infection control. UniLux is truly the newest alternative to conventional headlight systems. 


Bright LED Headlamp

 Our compact headlamp is lighter than a quarter and can produce up to 50,000 lux of precise illumination to enhance visibility for every procedure.  

Unifies Magnification & Direct Illumination 

Integrate with any loupe or other eye protection for an all-in-one, easy to use loupe and light set up.


Rechargeable Power Source with Versatile USB Charger

Our Lithium ion battery lasts 12 hours on a single charge per battery. Recharge the battery anywhere through any USB port with our USB charger.

Cable-less Design with Advanced Intuitive Control 

Quickly powers on/off and adjusts light intensity with our in-line user-friendly tactile control. This light offers 4 intensity settings that doesn't require to be touched by one's hand.

Strapless Design to Facilitate Infection Control

By eliminating the strap the user will decrease contamination.

Balanced Ergonomics

All-in-one lightweight setup distributes weight evenly across any frame to maximize comfort.