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Which Loupes Are Right For You?

TTL vs Flip-Up

Each person has their own preferred way of working and their own optimal manner of performing daily tasks. It is commonly known that loupes serve an important function in today’s dental practices.

Currently there are two types of loupes on the market:  Thru-the-Lens (TTL) and Flip-Up loupes. These loupes will improve one’s vision by increasing the level of detail visible. Both loupes will reduce strain on the neck, back, and eyes. Overall, both types of loupes will provide the same end goal; however, these types of loupes have advantages and disadvantages.

One of the first questions that occur when purchasing loupes is “Which one do I buy?” There are certain benefits when purchasing TTL and Flip-loupes; therefore, we have provided a quick overview of the advantages and disadvantages below.

TTL Loupes


• Custom made 
• Light weight
• Wider field of view
• Lower maintenance


• Not adjustable
• Slightly more expensive
• Longer time to manufacture

Flip-Up Loupes


• Adjustable angle of declination
• Can be adjusted for several users
• Faster delivery time
• Lower Price 


• Heavier
• Narrower field of view
• May need additional adjustments