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  • I've owned Ultralight and I much prefer Lumadent. Much higher quality materials IMO, cheaper, and better customer service. I use the Lumadent light on the lowest setting and that's plenty for me 99% of the time with my Surgitel 4.5x loupes.
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    Townie Supporter | Via DentalTown | January 2016
  • Compared to my previous LED light system, the LumaDent light is built much sturdier, has a more powerful and non fatiguing light, and is lightweight. One of the flaws of my old light system is the wire connecting the LED bulb to the battery pack, but LumaDent solved that problem by making a replaceable cord. Now a potential fix for a damaged wire only costs $20-30 instead of the hundreds I was quoted from my old system. Overall very happy!
    Eric Cheung | Via Email | January 2016
  • I love my lumadent light! I use it everyday in Simlab and it works just right. The field that it lights up is the perfect size, fits the FOV of my loupes spot on. Not to mention I feel like a made a great choice because so many of my faculty and mentors use this same great light. You won't be disappointed.
    Mina Ghorbani | Via Email | February 2016
  • I am 3 weeks into my new Lumadent light that I pair with my DFV loupes. The Lumadent light replaced an Orascoptic light (Xeon Discovery). The LumaDent light has a super clean attachment bracket, is very light and came with two batteries at 1/2 the price that I paid 5 years ago for the Orascoptic light. Three thumbs up for LumaDent. Thank you to the others on DT who recommended.

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    Townie Supporter | Via DentalTown | February 2016
  • Good service and empathy for your clients is what I value in a good business and LumaDent is just that. And I mean that with all sincerity. I purchased a great quality light from LumaDent, and recently I was again in touch with Justin Bryan who went out of his way to help me with a new mount to fit my new loupes. And let me not forget to thank Jo Medina as well for being so prompt in relaying my information in the appropriate direction. You guys have my loyalty! Thank you.
    Saeed Kashefi | Via Email | February 2016
  • I am an Australian dentistry student who purchased a Lumadent light last year. When comparing the prices, there was really no comparison! The official light for my loupes was well over $1600, and the lumadent option that I purchased was roughly a quarter of that (with shipping and handling included), and it fits perfectly onto my loupes. It is ideal for young graduates and/or students for which there are greater financial considerations. Having done the research it was by far the best light for the most affordable price. I had a small issue recently with one of the cables that attaches the battery source to the light. I sent an email explaining the issue and that day the issue was dealt with without any hassle and a new cable was immediately dispatched to me. I would highly recommend this product to anyone considering it, and living in Australia posed no issue whatsoever.

    Andrew | Via Email | February 2016
  • Switched over from another light and will never turn back! The lumadent is made solid and has a great battery life and brightness. Much more stable than my last light and works great with my loupes. The customer service is amazing. If you ever need anything, they are fast and reliable. I will most likely purchase one more after I graduate from school.


    Pranav Kaushish | Via Email | March 2016
  • I love my Lumadent light. I can not practice without it. I started with another brand and when that light wore out I ordered the Lumadent light. The Lumadent is so much lighter and brighter. The batteries last forever. I use it on every patient and I charge the battery less then once a week. A great light!

    Jackson Allan | Via Email | March 2016
  • I borrowed a hygienist's LumaDent loupes with the headlight and was impressed with the fit and the overall light weight of the frames. I've heard of sport frames breaking with other brands and was full of questions for LumaDent.. When I called the customer service at LumaDent to ask my million questions, Noah was to the rescue. He was incredibly helpful with ordering the perfect pair for me. Customer service is everything and LumaDent is top notch. Noah even gave me the UOP DISCOUNT!!! Look no further just call Noah!!

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    Kayla Stevens | Via Facebook | March 2016
  • +1 Lumadent. Works well and durable. For the price, you could probably buy 2 lights from the other big name brands. So if your Lumadent goes out, you're not really in the hole. But if your big name brand light goes out and you have customer service problems getting it serviced, well then you're in the hole that much more. I buy it with the intention of replacing it in the near future. Nothing lasts forever. Read more reviews on Dental Town!
    Anthony Do | Via Dental Town | February 2016
  • We never use our overhead lights anymore. We are just so happy with our lumadents. We have had several in our office for a few years, and as small technical problems have occurred, the customer service team has always been extremely professional, courteous, and responsive. Great company!

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    Ankur Gupta | Via Google Reviews | March 2016
  • Bought the old V1 light back in 2010 - had minor cable and switch problems which were easily fixed and the light and battery pack are still going strong!

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    Philip Kim | Via Google Reviews | March 2016
  • Hey you guys rock! I've been looking for a new light for 6 months and you guys got mine ordered and shipped within 1 day. Awesome customer service!

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    Kevin Lassiter | Via Facebook | March 2016
  • This is my second week with my Lumadent light. I LOVE IT!!!! I have been a hygienist for 13 years and this is my first foray "into the light". Why did I wait so long? I couldn't "see" what I was missing! Attaching the light to my DFV loupes was simple and everything was included to complete the process. During my research, Allie was lucky enough to talk with me several times ????. Each time she was very gracious as well as impressed me with her knowledge of the product. I am very happy with my decision to go with this company. After reading the reviews, I have no doubt that Lumadent will continue with the great customer service.

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    Yo Crain | Via Google Reviews | April 2016
  • Amazing product at a reasonable price, and even more amazing customer service. I worked with a customer service agent named Faith who went above and beyond to help me. I wanted to connect my light to my own pair of Oakley radar safety glasses, and Faith promptly answered all questions via phone and email, sent instructions on how to install the part, and delivered the product in an incredibly timely fashion, all while being very pleasant to work with. Honestly the best customer service of any company I have ever worked with.. which will make me a loyal Lumadent user in the future.

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    Joey Larson | Via Google Reviews | May 2016
  • I've been purchasing items from lumadent for a few years now, and by far I've had the best experience recently when I had to order another light for my loupes. I will never forget the customer service agent, her name was Faith, and she not only helped me solve my issues, but she was an absolute class act. Lumadent as a company makes great products, and now I've realized that they also have excellent employees as well. I will continue to buy my products from lumadent in the years to come, their lights and battery packs are great.

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    Shirwa Hassan | Via Google Reviews | May 2016
  • Thank you so much for your prompt and caring customer service. I am so excited about my purchase and can't wait to put new light on my frames. The original light kit has been a problem from almost day one due to very poor design. Thx again Donna Worrall RDH since 1984

    Donna Worrall | Via E-mail | June 2016
  • Awesome! thanks again, my boss is looking for a light so he is anxious for me to set mine up. He was blown away by the price, which as you know is half of the competitors. I was so thankful you were at the NC State Dental meeting because I had already decided to bite the bullet and put DFV light on my DFV loupes! SO happy to have attended Dr Low's lecture and hear his recommendation for the Luma Light.

    Thanks again! I know you'll have another order from my Dr. as soon as he uses the light. This awesome customer service put a big smile on his face and mine too!

    Leah Mills | Via E-mail | June 2016
  • My entire experience with Lumadent was awesome! My first encounter with the company was with Scott Smith who is the representative in FL. He came to our dental school often, was always easy to communicate with be it in person, on the phone, or email, and worked around our very busy schedules. I originally bought my Loupes from Orascoptic at the time, but really wanted to give Lumadent a chance because I heard so many great things. I have since returned my Orascoptic Loupes due to bad service and them not being able to meet my needs. While working with Lumadent to get the perfect Loupes for me, I would call the main office in Reno, NV. I frequently talked to Justin Bryan and Katherine Lontoc who were always kind on the phone and did everything they could to meet my needs. I was floored with what they were willing to do and how quickly things got done considering my previous experience with other Loupes companies. If you have the opportunity to decide between Loupes/Light brands, do yourself a favor and give Lumadent a try! I also bought my light through them and love the settings. The nob makes things so much better and I cannot imagine having only a few step settings. At the end of the day, I am so grateful to my friends who told me to get these Loupes. The company is amazing and I cannot be happier! #teamLumadent

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    Dusty Rose | Via Google Review | July 2016
  • Lumadent was quick to help me with mounting my LumaDent light to my Orascoptic Loupes. Mounting required a special bracket that I was unaware I needed at the time of purchase. Lumadent readily helped me figure out what was wrong and then shipped the bracket to me! Great Customer Service!

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    Heather B | Via Google Reviews | July 2016
  • Just purchased the 3.3 flip-up loupes with the Lumadent light combination.These replace my SheerVision light(exorbitant replacement battery price) and Orascoptic loupes. I am very pleased with the performance, lightweight and the value,The bridge of my nose and neck are much more comfortable. I have had outstanding customer service from Tim Powell( Canadian representative) to fine tune my working distance. LumaDent provides a great alternative for Canadian dentists. Victoria BC Canada
    Jerry Nanos| Via Email | August 2016
  • Just received the UniLux headlamp and 2.5x TTL loupes. These are both fantastic products! The field of view and clarity of the telescopes is outstanding! My previous headlamp could not be fixed due to a wire malfunction, which drove me to find a better product. The UniLux has replaceable wires, and LumaDent even threw in an extra cable with the purchase of the light! Brightness is outstanding even on the lowest setting, yet doesn't cause any discomfort over prolonged use. The battery pack can magnetically attach to a scrub top or shirt which acts as a lanyard for the loupes. Two battery packs included and they even had the insight to place a button on the unit to check the charge to prevent drain on the battery from a constantly lit display. Ingenious! The switch is easily activated by bump from the back of the hand to prevent cross-contamination. My favorite thing is the little magnet and "arm" on the composite filter. You can flick this thing over so easily with the mirror handle and the magnet stops it at the perfect spot. Phenomenal products! If I ever need another light or a pair of loupes LumaDent will be my first pick!

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    Kyle Samples | Via Google Reviews | August 2016
  • I just received my LumaDent headlight and used it all day. Wow! This is amazing. I see things I never saw before. Really, I don't know how I worked without this light. I give them a big thumbs up.

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    Mark Collins | Via Dental Town | September 2016
  • I have 10 lumadent batteries and 2 loupes and they are awesome. Their customer service is awesome too.

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    Tuan Pham | Via Google Reviews | October 2016
  • I work at a corp, lights have been crap for years. I learned to work in the dark, makes all your work look good. Finally got a lumadent light. Changed the world. I will never go back. When I build I won't install overhead lights. Instead I'm going to put a big freaking flat screen in the pts face. Light or tv which would the pt prefer?

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    Official Townie Member | Via Dental Town | October 2016
  • I tested a set recently (cant name the brand as it was a presale unit for review). They were terrible compared to my wired LumaDent. They power just wasn't there. I found using a short cord and placing the battery pack in my breast pocket eliminates the concerns of the cord, while keeping the long lasting and powerful battery pack. 

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    Official Town Member | Via Dental Town | October 2016
  • Excellent customer service! I have the "Best Value Package" that I purchased in dental school ~3 years ago and the batteries began to malfunction recently. They replaced the elements in my two batteries that were actually no longer under warranty -- and only charged me shipping costs! I was also given a loaner battery to use in the meantime. Nothing but good things to say about LumaDent. Thank you!

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    Eric Parker | Via Facebook | October 2016
  • Have been using them for a couple of years now.. Love them so far, no problems  and love the additional battery pack that it comes with!
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    Townie Supporter | Via DentalTown | October 2016
  • I like them so much that everybody gets one, including hygienists and assistants.  I have zero need for the crap overhead lights!!  Have had lumadent since the beginning and their customer service absolutely rocks, as they completely stand by their product.  And be sure to ask them for a townie discount when you purchase them.

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    Townie Supporter | Via DentalTown | October 2016
  • LumaDent customer service is phenomenal. I have worked with Allie P. over the past month to purchase the right loupes and accessories. She answered each inquiry and provided me with the most professional service one could ask for. LumaDent is the true Cadillac of loupes and their service is second to none. I highly recommend them to any dental professional.

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    Gary Nelson | Via Facebook | December 2016
  • I was in contact with Jose in regards to my battery cell repair and he was phenomenal. I just wanted to say I really appreciate the next day air (got to me just in time), the name label (makes the case look more professional) as well as the new storage area for the loupes. Also I appreciate the new wires and upgraded battery cell!!! This company has exceeded my expectations and I will definitely order more in the future. Thanks a lot Jose!!

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    Ashton Queja | Via Facebook | January 2017
  • Have purchased numerous different times. Great service and product.

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    Jake Pranckun | Via Facebook | January 2017
  • Just purchased a light for the first time and got the unilux.  Extremely happy with it and how it fits on my loupes.  I can't imagine not having a light and it's only been a week with my light.  I have oakley half-jackets for loupes.  Battery life lasts the entire day.

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    Dental Town Member | Via DentalTown | December 2016
  • I choose Lumadent from the beginning for its compactness, weight and brightness. I have not been disappointed as i'm still using my original battery from 7 years ago. Purchased a back-up battery 2 years ago but have not had to use it yet. Great customer service (thanks Sally!)... proactively contacted me with a request to replace/upgrade my second battery due to possible manufacturing issues. I use Orascoptic loupes and the Lumadent light fits fine. Very satisfied with my light and the Lumadent company.
    Alex Tipton | Via Email | January 2017
  • I've been using LumaDent since 2010 as a third year dental student. Their customer service is excellent. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a loupe mounted light solution. Justin in particular quickly responds to emails and rushed a loaner battery pack out to me when mine needed service. I'll be ordering my next light from them when it's time for an upgrade. 

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    Gregory Saam | Via Google Reviews | November 2016
  • LumaDent was my best invest in my dental career. Very easy and convenient to use with switch on the battery. Battery life lasts longer than other company 's light that I've been using and charges faster. Warm light gives comfort in my eyes as a full time user. Fast customer service was another reason I really love this company!
    Sophia Kang
  • Love my light, and especially love the extraordinary level of customer service!!! Thank you, Alex B!

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    Nicolette Enhörning-Picton | Via Facebook | January 2017
  • LUMIDENT  is your FINAL AND ONLY STOP for  your optic light and  battery system.  I  purchased a  headlight system  and  battery from designs for Vision. The products were very pricey  and I  thought the  product will be reliable but I  had  nothing but problems  a month after I got  the headlight system . Also, I thought my reproductive organs were about to fry because the  battery pack got so hot.  The replacements broke down  as well. Thank goodness I found about Lumident from  a yelp review. Please, save yourself a  lot of  time, frustration, headache and money. Their products are  well made and very durable and way more affordable that, DFV nd other set ups out  there.  PLus, customer service is awesome. Someone is always there . A  human being.  This is a genuine review.  Last  thing you  want to happen is for your equipment to fail mid treatment and have the lights go out on you.  Give them a try. You will not be disappointed,  ALly S. my Lumident  connection  is awesome and very cordial  and professional.   Well, I can go  on  and on but you'll find out  how great  this company is!   Rae 

    Rae Tom | Via E-mail | February 2017
  • I have a set of the surgitel 3.5x micro TTL and got the Lumadent 4.0s as backups. i worethem for a day and now I wear them for a day and now I wear them everyday and the surgitels are my backups. Also have them with the Lumadent light. Hell of a value. Great Customer service. 

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    Townie Supporter | Via DentalTown | February 2017
  • I have used a LumaDent loupe and light for approximately 2 years now and have been very satisfied with the product. When I have had any problems, the costumer service had been great and my problems have been resolved very quickly. I'd highly recommend the Luma Dent product. Read more reviews on Facebook!

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    Brian Rooney | Via Facebook | March 2017

    excellent customer service. Allie is the best, she is extremely responsive, called me back within 15 minutes of leaving a message requesting additional accessories. The product is amazing as well. Highly highly recommend the product and the company.


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    Ben Liu | Via Google reviews | July 2016
  • Great customer services with great prices for the best value.


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    Jennifer Yen | Via Google reviews | April 2017
  • Being using Lumadental items for years. No problems and would highly recommend it


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    T Chang | Via Google Reviews | April 2017
  • Mr. Joe Davies provides excellent and fast customer service! Lumadent offers a great product as well! Highly recommend!

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    Haley Glaser | Via Facebook | December 2016
  • Love this light! What great service! I bought new loupes and they sent me the applicable brackets right then and there for free!

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    Tammie Cox Briner | Via Favebook | December 2016
  • Not only a great product, the customer service is outstanding! Really an awesome company!

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    Victoria Kheynis McQueen | Via Facebook | December 2016
  • I've tried LD about 3 years ago as an alternative to other brands with rather pricey lights . It's been a nothing else but a 5-star experience ever since! Great product, amazing value and impeccable customer service ! Highly recommend! Compatible with all possible loupes in my experience (Designs for vision , Univet, Zeiss etc) And it's super easy to replace components , just plug it in!! Thank you !


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    Konstantin Gromov | Via Facebook | December 2016
  • Josie really went above and beyond helping me! Thanks for keeping me as a loyal client!!

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    Andy Browne | Via Facebook | January 2017
  • LumaDent customer service is phenomenal. I have worked with Allie P. over the past month to purchase the right loupes and accessories. She answered each inquiry and provided me with the most professional service one could ask for. LumaDent is the true Cadillac of loupes and their service is second to none. I highly recommend them to any dental professional.

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    Gary Nelson | Via facebook | December 2016
  • I had an excellent experience working with Jose to order a new adaptor for my Lumadent light. We were in contact after working hours and he was able to send out the adaptor the next morning for me. Excellent service!


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    John Wrann | Via Facebook | April 2017
  • I've had a lumadent light for a few years now which I've been very happy with and recently needed a new battery. I found their customer service excellent and the prices still very reasonable. Both Justin and Noah were very quick at resolving my problem. Thanks guys


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    Siany Hopkins | Via Facebook | April 2017
  • Love my Lumadent loupes, love my Lumadent light. The customer service and communication with Noah has been awesome! I will definitely return for more purchases down the road!


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    Karlie Gaskins | Via Facebook | April 2017
  • Great customer services, the LED light is small, I don't feel any weight on my lopus. I like Lumadent Lopus too, very clear. Compare with other brand name lopus Co., I can't tell the different but only the prices are differences with great values.

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    Jennifer Yen | Via Facebook | April 2017
  • Great product and great customer service. All hyg and docs in our practice have and love.


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    Bryan Bauer | Via Facebook | May 2017
  • i got my lumadent light a year and a half ago, it has been a game changer in practicing hygiene...absolutely love it. i recently had an issue with the mount and the customer service was phenomenal. allie was was beyond helpful and shipped out a new mount immediately!


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    Charlie Ann Rubin | Via Facebook | May 2017
  • After 5+ years of heavy use, my battery pack finally gave out. I called Brandon at Lumadent in the middle of the week looking for a rush delivery for a replacement. He offered me an unbeatable deal on a headlamp and battery package. He was able to get that to me within 2 business days. In addition, he made me a custom mount for both my loupes and safety glasses. The communication and customer service was exceptional. I could not be happier.

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    Ravi Patel | Via Google Reviews | March 2015
  • Lumadent 4.0x with their light. I used to have DFV, but when my loupes broke it turned into a horrible show getting my replacement. They didn't seem to care much, so I cancelled my order and went with lumadent. Excellent loupes. Better light. Larger field of view than the standard 4.5x DFV. 

    I seriously just ordered a second pair as a spare. 

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    Townie Supporter | Via DentalTown | October 2015
  • Been a user of Lumadent's headlight for about 3 years. The light is top notch and customer service is too.

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    Chris Meunier | Via Google Reviews | April 2016
  • Very helpful customer service and great quality light. I have been very happy with their service!

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    Staci Friese | Via Facebook | April 2016
  • Switched to Lumadent when one of the inner lenses (lens closest to eye) on the left loupe up and fell out one day.
    Sent them to Surgitel for repair, quated at $900 + shipping.

    Realized I could get new lumadents at a higher power, a light (really hated how bulkly and crappy the surgitel light was) for not much more. They even upgraded to the new light system you can either attach the battery to your collar with magnets or slight it behind your head attached to both legs of the loupe...Great, no problems at all.

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    Townie Supporter | Via DentalTown | October 2016
  • I have been using them for a few years. Love it. I was using surgitel and they are expensive compared to Luma. Meet with a rep to show you. I would recommend getting a few extra packs and also cables. The cables do wear out. I also use lowest setting.

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    Townie Supporter | Via DentalTown | October 2016
  • I am liking my Lumadent loupes. I bought them as a "back-up" pair to my DFV loupes, but I have liked them so much that they are now my go-to loupe. They are way lighter than my Buddy-Holly DFVs, and perform comparably. They are very reasonably priced.

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    Townie Supporter | Via DentalTown | September 2015
  • I purchased a light from LumaDent for my DFV 2.5 loupes a couple years ago, and just recently bought a pair of safety glasses from them. The safety glasses come with an attachment for the same light i use with my loupes. I just move the light from my loupes to my safety glasses for OMS and other procedures where I just want safety goggles and a light. Awesome combo I would recommend to everyone on DT. Also, LumaDent has great customer service. If you send in a light it usually comes back within one week from repair.

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    Townie Supporter | Via DentalTown | November 2015
  • Just wanted to thank Brandon Fettig for his excellent customer care. It was like Christmas today when I got my light!!! I was able to use it in my last 2 patients!!! Wish I hadn't waited so long to make the investment!!

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    Jennifer Christian Scott | Via Facebook | November 2015
  • Very helpful customer service and great quality light. I have been very happy with their service!

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    Staci Friese | Via Facebook | April 2016
  • Phenomenal Customer service. I'd buy from Lumadent JUST for the customer service. Thing is, they sell a great product too. Hard to beat.
    Ben Pinney | Via Email | February 2016
  • I got my first light four years ago from Lumadent and I have been working with it since then. last week I requested a charger for battery, since the one I had broke. without any hasitation they kindly offered to send me a new one free of charge. Also the customer service is great and they are very friendly. I highly recommend them and their products.
    Fuad | Via Email | January 2016
  • I just recently ordered my first pair of loupes and headlight from LumaDent recently, and I am more than pleased with their products and service. I received my loupes in time to practice using them a little, before they were required in my dental school. 

    Their loupes are just as excellent in quality as their headlight. I can see just as much detail as with some of the more expensive brands (Q optics, orascoptic, etc.). Their is no reason to spend more money to get a more reputable loupe brand!! I'm so glad I went with lumadent, because I know I didn't get ripped off.

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    Ryan E. | Via Yelp | January 2016
  • The light is excellent. The loupes (3.3x) are very good for their price. They are not as perfect as my Surgitel (3.5x), but they also cost 75% less.

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    Roman Kniter | Via Google Reviews | July 2015
  • I received great customer service on my loupe light from Eric. LumaDent stands by their product and I appreciate that.

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    Candace Lee | Via Facebook | October 2015
  • Very impressed with product and customer service. I've had a few issues with mounts and most recently a composite filter. I've always received a prompt and courteous response from the company and all my issues have been quickly resolved. Very appreciative!

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    Daryn Lu | Via Facebook | August 2015
  • These are the best dental lights I have ever used. Extremely light weight and bright! Plus, you can't beat their customer service. Thank you, LumaDent, for a great product.

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    Chris Teeters | Via Google Reviews | June 2015
  • I just received my loupes today! I am extremely impressed with the quality of your TTL loupes and light system! They are a perfect fit! Your customer service is second to none as I contacted three other loupe companies but decided to go with Lumadent based on other reviews and excellent service from Brandon Fettig. Thank you LUMADENT!

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    Abbie Dyches | Via Facebook | June 2015
  • Thank you LumaDent!! Superior customer care! I love your affordable illumination system for my loupes. Thank you!!

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    Beth A Kageryama | Via Facebook | July 2015
  • I cannot think of a more affordable light option to do my hygiene work! Also, the friendly customer services and light-weight traveling case are a big plus too. Super content with my purchase since 10/2013 :)

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    Dao Le Middlesworth | Via Facebook | June 2015
  • Great products and excellent customer service... Will recommend to everybody in dental field for their products... Thank you

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    Anupam Gatecha | Via FaceBook | June 2015
  • We are a very busy dental practice in Dover, NH and all our dentists and dental hygienists use LumaDent head lights. We all absolutely love them! They make our positioning better, field of vision better and quality of work better, we wouldn't be able to work without them!! 

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    Leah Hutchings | Via Facebook | May 2015
  • 4.0XL TTL with light, very happy with optics and light. I was worried about not having a rep come and measure my interpupillary distance, but went with Lumadent's picture method. It worked great and I didn't have to bother with any appointments. I had a short in the longer cord that came with the light after a couple of months but Jose sent me several as a replacement in a matter of days. These guys are great to work with and have top notch customer service.

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    D Chadwick | Via Google Reviews | May 2015
  • After my Orascoptic light stopped working, I looked into buying a new one. Several of my classmates were using the LumaDent light and I decided to look into it. Not only is it light weight, it also has a range of intensity that is convenient for any use. The light is also inexpensive compared to other brands and works just as well! I would recommend this light.

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    Vivek Thanawala | Via Google Reviews | May 2015
  • Lumadent all the way, great company awesome customer service. 

    Mkoz61 | Via Dental Town | August 2015
  • I love my light, it works very well, holds battery life substantially and is very light weight. It connects to my loupes seamlessly as well. Definitely recommended.

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    Gardette Hutton | Via Google Reviews | May 2015
  • Great product and wonderful customer service! The staff at Lumadent are very helpful and provide prompt answers to any of your questions!

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    Amy S | Via Google Reviews | May 2015
  • Best Loupes I have ever owned, and very reasonably priced. Great customer service

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    Edwin Acosta | Via Google Reviews | May 2015
  • Excellent customer service! The loupes frame from Surgitel I initially selected could not support my Rx, and since I had to choose a different frame, the Lumadent headlamp attachment I obtained from my purchase of the light was not compatible anymore. I emailed them and they sent me the proper attachment for no extra cost or shipping charges, and I practice in Canada. Thanks and keep it up!

    Read more reviews on Facebook!

    Timothy Cheung | Via Facebook | April 2015
  • I've been using the Zeiss 4.3's with a lumadent light for 3 months now and both are superior to every alternative I've tried. I've used heine, DFV, orascoptic and surgitel and this combo has been the best by far imho.

    Read more reviews on Dental Town!

    Townie Supporter | Via DentalTown | October 2015
  • I have had two lights and recently ordered loupes. I have also provided a light for my hygienist. We love LumaDent! The company provides an excellent product at a great price and most importantly the customer service is outstanding. I have had minor issues with battery packs and cords over the years. The customer service has been professional, quick, and beyond fair in standing behind their product. If nothing changes we will be customers for life. Thank you LumaDent!

    Read more reviews on Google Plus!

    Rebecca Morisse-case | Via Google Reviews | April 2015
  • Excellent product! I am able to use my super reliable LumaDent light with both of my loupes. The ease of charging and attachment to my eyewear was very easy. I am over the moon satisfied with the exceptional customer service, communication and customer care that I purchased a second light when my updated loupes arrived. My first light is still going strong after three years of use!!
    Love the LumaDent products: reliable and appropriate light source for my magnification eyewear.

    Read more reviews on Facebook!

    Beth Kageyama | Via Facebook | March 2015
  • I love the light, it is sleek, not heavy and does not over-heat my face! I also go to UCSF and all of the top doctors here use lumadent. I am really happy with this purchase. Also their customer service is great, Brandon was great on the phone when I had trouble putting on a clip for the new loupes I got. Great product and great company.

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    Adam Wandell | Via Facebook | April 2015
  • Have 2 of these lights - one on my loupes and one for my safety glasses. They are as much of an advantage as the loupes themselves. Had a great customer service experience with Robert H which will definitely keep me as a customer for a long time to come. Thanks!

    Read more reviews on Facebook!

    Kevin Haiar | Via Facebook | April 2015
  • My battery charger cracked and started to fall apart and the customer service was awesome with a quick response and are sending me a replacement first thing Monday morning. Great customer service!! Love my light!

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    Casey Rehrer | Via Facebook | October 2015
  • Lumadent is great! Low cost, easy to repair, and great customer service. They will help you find the correct mount for your optics whether it be loupes or Rx glasses. After all, a headlight is just a flashlight.  No need to pay thousands for a light from Orascoptic. As far as loupes go, go with what feels good to your eyes.  Orascoptic makes great loupes but remember as mag increases, field of vision decreases.

    Read more reviews on Dental Town!

    Townie Supporter | Via DentalTown | April 2015
  • I have been using a Lumadent LED light with my loupes for two and a half years now. I still can't believe how much better I see with it. I have told my fellow dental hygienists how awesome it is. I even have my daughter's orthodontist using your product now. Not only is the product great , but so is the prompt and professional service from Brandon. Thank you. Marcy RDH

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    Marcy Crawford | Via Facebook | April 2015
  • I have been using my Lumadent light for all of dental school. Battery life is great, I barely have to charge it! Light is brighter than anything I have seen. Great product and great customer service. Definitely recommend!

    Read more reviews on Google Plus!

    Sunny Thakkar | Via Google Reviews | April 2015
  • I'm very glad I went with LumaDent loupe light instead of the light that would have come with my loupes. I've heard people having trouble with other lights, but not with LumaDent. The customer service is quite responsive and accommodating. The standard LumaDent mount also fits various loupe frames and even safety goggles. Keep up the great work!

    Read more reviews on Google Plus!

    David Pham | Via Google Reviews | April 2015
  • LumaDent makes a great light, doesn't get too hot after use, very bright for great results, thanks!

    Read more reviews on Facebook!

    Andrew J. Katerakis | Via Google Reviews | May 2015
  • Absolutely incredible customer service everytime. I've had my light for years now and any issues have been promptly solved. Easy to communicate by phone or email. I could not ask anything more from a company's service and product. I am a loyal customer for life. Thank you!

    Read more reviews on Google Plus!

    Marshall Young | Via Google Reviews | March 2015
  • I wish I would have known about LumaDent when I was in dental school. I bought Heine loupes and an expensive, bulky Perioptix light. Both have broken several times over the years, have been expensive to fix, and hard to communicate with anyone for help. When my Perioptix light stopped working for the 3rd time, I finally bought a LumaDent light. Even though it's half the price of most other lights, it's twice the quality. When my Heine loupes finally broke enough to be completely useless, I ordered Orascoptic loupes and LumaDent loupes since I needed something quick, and hoped one of the two would work. An Orascoptic rep came and physically took my measurements, so I was a bit hesitant when I just sent a photo with a ruler to LumaDent. The Orascoptic (which were over twice as much) were heavy, blurry, and I had double vision, so I sent them back. I'm unsure how they mis-measured my eyes with their fancy eye measuring tool. I couldn't foresee LumaDent getting it right with just a photo, but when they came, they were perfect. Plus their frames were metal, instead of cheap plastic like Heine or Orascoptic. Having nice, clear, lightweight, well built loupes, with a tiny, bright light makes more of a difference that I could have imagined. The magnetic composite filter is very convenient as well. The only issue I've had is when my light burned out. LumaDent sent a new light 2nd day air, no charge with no hesitation. I'm sold on LumaDent for the quality of their products, reasonable price, and great customer service.
    Adam Jensen | Via E-mail | March 2015
  • Received the light a month ago-- Very easy to assemble and easy to use. Found the light to be quite bright and real happy with the daily duration of the light packs! Was a great pick and company service is excellent-- responsive by phone--and online- do highly recommend!

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    Renie Gross | Via Facebook | March 2015
  • Fantastic quality light. Uniform brightness, lightweight, long battery life and great customer service. Highly recommended!

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    Elisia Doucas | Via Google Reviews | March 2015
  • Great customer service and good quality light. Customer service agents are always ready and willing to help in any way they can.

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    Dina Girgis | Via Google Reviews | March 2015
  • Been using their light for years. Super brite, great customer service, and about half the cost of some of the big name companies. What more could you want?

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    Jarett Hulse | Via Google Reviews | March 2015
  • Great Product, excellent customer service & support. Happily recommending LumaDent to all my colleagues.

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    Shiv Shashi | Via Facebook | January 2015
  • I've had lumadent for almost a year now and they are by far the best light I've had. The battery life is great and the light is quite powerful. Solid product!

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    Bishoy Saleeb | Via Facebook | February 2015
  • Just ordered my loupes (4x's flip-ups) from LumaDent, through Mr. Randall Wallace tonight at the UMKC loupes fair. Out of 4 companies to choose from, Mr. Wallace gave an outstanding presentation about the quality of product and development put into your products. Ultimately, the personal attention given to my questions and concerns and the fact that there was no pressure put on me to buy the product or upgrade from flip-ups to through the lens loupes sold me. I'm excited to get them and start using them.

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    Chase Williams | Via Facebook | February 2015
  • Cannot work without the LumaDent light, great product. I have found the LumaDent team and Brandon to be extremely helpful in providing ongoing customer service. Thanks very much. Highly recommended!

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    Hanna Pethani | Via Google Reviews | January 2015
  • Love Lumadent!!! Affordable and wonderful. It's great! Also, excellent customer service.

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    Emily Story Dennison | Via Facebook |February 2015
  • I've been practising dentistry for over 10 years now. I have bought and used the LED light from Designs from Visions and Orascoptic. Initially I had the Orascoptic light for 4 years and it was a 7/10. With newer technology I choose to upgrade to a newer LED daylight minilight from Designs for Visions. The light malfunctioned constantly, I was always sending it in for repairs on the cable, battery, headlight and customer service was always questionable in terms of communication. So the rep convinced me to upgrade to the newest light ($1000 - $200 credit for old light) and so I gave that one a try. Same thing. Constant issues with the battery, cable and light itself.

    After these constant issues I finally decided enough is enough and went to the Lumadent. I can tell you it has a much better design with a magnetic orange shield, a straight power cable (no screw attachment) and a battery that is actually adjustable in terms of intensity. The Designs for Visions light I had to keep at max intensity all the time. .

    Whether you're a student or a long time practicing dentist don't let the cost at half the price fool you - this is a superior product.

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    Dr. Gurpreet Sidhu | Via Google Reviews | January 2015
  • I initially came to Lumadent because of the cost. I faced constant problems with a light I purchased through orascoptic. Replacement after replacement, they tried their best to solve a problem, but they ultimately had a subpar product. I opted to buy a entire light system from lumadent as opposed to replacing one component from orascoptic, the same cost for the one component at Orascoptic as a whole system at Lumadent.

    I couldn't be happier with the results. The light they offer hasn't let me down in the office, day in and day out, it has offered predictable illumination for the work I am providing. 

    Much better product, at a fraction of the cost. Keep doing what you're doing Lumadent!

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    Mike Coughlin | Via Google Reviews | January 2015
  • I am ever grateful to a colleague who recommended LumaDent lighting to me. I could not live without the bright LumaDent bulb that sits atop my Designs For Vision loupes... 

    For you ENTs and other physicians out there, I would also recommend this for you. You will be surprised how much your visualization improves with robust lighting. Unlike an overhead light, the LumaDent puts the amount of light you need right where you need it.

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    Bradley Jergins | Via Google Reviews | January 2015
  • Your lighting system is the best I have seen. I have been using your lights for a couple of years now and they make the world of difference. The customer service is top notch and they are very helpful if you have any issues. I highly recommend LumaDent.

    Read more reviews on Google Plus!

    Damron Dental | Via Google Reviews | January 2015
  • I do not know how I survived the first 3 years of dental school without my LumaDent loupe light. This light is truly incredible, lightweight, and a necessity to practicing dentistry. LumaDent has great customer service and if you ever have any issues they resolve them immediately. I highly recommend the LumaDent loupe light for all makes of loupes and you will not be disappointed.

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    Zachary Kingsberg | Via Google Reviews | January 2015
  • Excellent customer service, Don was very patient and extremely helpful, went above and beyond!!!!
    Jennifer Holmes | Via email | December 2014
  • Lumadent is by far the best light and they have the best customer service! Lumadent light is small but bright. I like the fact that the wire can be unplugged from the light. so you can change the wire without changing the entire light. They will have repeat business from me.

    Before buying Lumadent, I had two Orascoptic lights and for both, the wire broke and short out within two years of use. I called them and they said I have to buy the entire light with the wire for $450.00, the light and the wire are one unit. The attitude of Orascoptic customer service person was "too bad for you, now pay the $450.00". I will never buy Orascoptic again. I also regret buying their loupes. They could never get my occulars to come together with one circle and in focus. In this market where there are many companies offering loupes and lights, this is not a way to do business.

    dr_t | via DentalTown | January 2015
  • Thanks so much for making such a great product! To other dental professionals, I highly recommend both the loupes and the light. I have had other brands of loupes, but decided to try the lumadent flip ups and I love them as much or more than my other pair of high end loupes, and the lumadents cost less than half as much. The light will also change your life. A week or two ago I did a restoration on the distal of a third molar and I thought to myself "It would take me forever to do this without this light." Great customer service, great products, really nice guys. Try it, you won't regret it.
    Robert Ashby | Via Lumadent.com | 11/10/2014
  • Another vote for Lumadent. I had to buy a second battery after about 2 years but that is about normal for lithium ion. 2 years in africa under the worst conditions you can imagine. Light held up great. Best price i have ever heard of. Also, ask for the box - it is great for storage of light and loupes and battery. Note: I have no financial stake in Lumadent, just really like the light and company because it is a good product minus the dreaded "medical mark up".
    Mbullock79 | Via DentalTown | 10/30/2014
  • Excellent customer service. The best light you will ever have.
    Demiral Soliman | Via Facebook | 10/28/2014
  • I just wanted to let you guys know how awesome your service has been. I have been blown away by the quality and promptness of any service I've needed. Randall was in Nashville for an event and personally came to my office to allow me to place my order in the middle of a busy schedule. I make sure to recommend your products to anyone I can. Keep up the good work! Taylor King DDS
    Taylor King | Via Email | 10/27/2014
  • The best light I have owned, and I have tried several from many other brands. Even better than the light, however, is their "no nonsense" customer service. If you have a problem.... they take care of it. In my case, no questions asked. They want their customers to be satisfied with their product.
    Ryan H | Via Google Plus | 10/26/2014
  • Hi All, I recently purchased the Lumadent light AND 3.3 TTL loupes. I've used them for the last two weeks and could not be happier. I previously owned DFV TTL's and had considered getting another pair but hesitated because of having to set up an appointment for measurements and previous experiences with poor customer service. I read some of the GREAT reviews about Lumadent on here so I thought I would give them a try. First of all, the customer service was amazing. I sent them an e-mail over the weekend and actually got a reply on a Saturday! They were able to make my loupes based on measurements and photos done following their very easy instructions. I received my light and custom-made loupes about 1.5 weeks after placing my order. The light is nice and bright and lite. The loupes are very clear, perfectly aligned, and very lite. I am ecstatic with my purchase. And, oh yeah, they cost probably about half what one of the big three companies would have charged.
    Luvmyteef | Via DentalTown | 10/9/2014
  • I have had my lumadent for over 10 months now with 2 batteries. Batteries last about 5 days each and the light is bright. It has solved my neck problem as I can see much better with the light and can maintain a better posture. The price is also very reasonable for the quality you are getting. Defn recommended.
    Payam Fa | Via Facebook | 10/7/2014
  • I have been using LumaDent since Nov 2010 - I always recommend headlights and this product seems to me to be the best deal around. I am also impressed by the customer service I have experienced since then. Anyone who is considering LumaDent - don't hesitate to get one.
    Felipe Miranda | Via Facebook | 10/01/2014
  • I used their [Non-Lumadent] light for years and I liked it. Just a little pricey. I went through 2 or 3 of them. I bought a lumadent about 3 years ago. Its been going great. The batteries last me a week. I only turn on the light when Im in a patients mouth. The light has a long warranty. The cords and batteries, not so much. The cords are cheap. About 5 bucks. I ordered some and thought they were 20 dollars. I thought that sounded cheap. I ordered 2. Turns out I was ordering 2 packs of 4. When 8 of them showed up, I was surprised. The lumadent has been an excellent light for now going on 3 years. Its plenty bright for Dentistry
    Extractor | Via DentalTown | 10/1/2014
  • Love your product!
    Dr. Barbara Billings. DDS | Via Facebook | 9/30/2014
  • I have for many years now had a battery pack from lumadent and still works great .Very good products.
    Spiros Tsivrasv | Via Lumadent.com | 9/29/2014
  • I love this product. I recommend every dentist to try it. It will revolutionize the way you practice dentistry
    John Shui | Via Facebook | 9/25/2014
  • Hi everyone, After nearly 15 years, I've decided to get a new pair of TTL loupes to replace my SurgiTel flip-ups. I decided to go with Lumadent's 3.3 loupes and LED headlight. After 2 weeks, I'm really happy with the product. good quality loupes that are clear and the light works great. There are other reviews of the Lumadent products that are more thorough, however, I'm writing to let everyone know of the exceptional customer service. I placed an order with Noah and he stayed in touch throughout the measurement process. It's simple yet very accurate. There was a short in one of the wires, I called Noah, and in a few days a replacement arrived at the office. I highly recommend Lumadent's products. They have exceptional customer support. Mike N. D.M.D
    Mikenguyen | Via DentalTown | 9/21/2014
  • I've had a great experience with lumadent. They have helped me with purchasing a replacement battery, and their light that I use is wonderful, it is lightweight and very effective. It fits on my loupes perfectly. They are a wonderful company!
    Michele Draper | Via Facebook | 9/20/2014
  • About 9 years ago, I bought some Eagle Optical loupes 2.5x flip downs I think off ebay. They were sold directly by the manufacturer in the US. I think I paid about $200. I have been using them over the years and they have been great. I recently bought some cheap 3.5x w/ light from China on Ebay and I never could get the loupes to focus right, but it was only like $50, and I use the light as a backup. I ran into Don from Lumadent at a trade show was was blown away by their TTL loupes and light. Look at the lumadent website for prices but I think the flip downs are like $400 and the TTL are $600. I bought the loupes and light for about $1000. It has changed my world. I use them on everything and wonder how I saw anything before. My Eagles are a decent backup. If you are looking for inexpensive loupes that are good I would start with Lumadent.
    Ddedds | Via DentalTown | 9/03/2014
  • When it came time to get a head light, all of my classmates recommended LumaDent as it is lightweight and bright. I have had my light for over a year now and have been very happy with it. Also, LumaDent's customer service is excellent! I highly recommend this head light for anyone looking for one.
    Lauren Katz | Via Facebook | 9/03/2014
  • My LumaDent light is awesome!!! Without a doubt the most useful piece of equipment I have bought. It's lightweight and the adjustable intensity is a very nice feature. It's hard to imagine doing any dentistry without this light now.
    Kyle Duncan | Via GooglePlus | 9/03/2014
  • I have had my Lumadent for over a year now, and am very happy with it. In fact, I just got off the phone with customer service and they are absolutely wonderful. The light is very focused and bright. I can't imagine working without it. Thanks!!!
    Ross Relte | Via Facebook | 8/28/2014
  • I have received my order. The light has exceeded my expectations,very simple installation and outstanding performance. I would like to commend your company for the ease of ordering,your follow up confirmation emails and the expedient delivery of the item. The order arrived in Australia six days after placement. Thank you from a satisfied customer. Kind Regards Peter Walmsley
    Peter Walmsley | Via Email | 8/28/2014
  • Excellent product. I bought loupes and a light last year at the dental meeting in New Orleans. I just bought another pair as a back up. Customer service is EXCELLENT!! Highly recommend them!!


    Jackie Molina | Via Facebook | 08/25/2014
  • My LumaDent light is lightweight and easy to use. Its been so nice to have, now I don't want to work without it.
    Jonny Russell | Via Facebook | 8/20/2014
  • Spoke with Robert in customer service this morning.

    Burnt out my headlight running at max power it appears. I've had Lumadent battery packs and lights since April 2013. Prior to that I used only Orascoptic, and I liked them but kept having issues with the cords failing at the connection to the Zeon Discovery battery packs.

    I love everything about the Lumadent product. And I am extremely pleased to find that your customer service is fantastic as well!After a quick diagnosis, Robert offered to send a replacement headlamp at no cost to me. Additionally, he went over some tips to avoid a repeat of the issue in the future.

    I was so impressed and sure that I would continue to be a long term customer with Lumadent, that I went ahead and bought a second headlamp this morning as a back up for $200 and opted to have everything shipped overnight by FedEx for an extra $80. I couldn't be more pleased with Lumadent. I highly recommend without any reservation.

    Todd Gifford | Via Facebook | 8/14/2014
  • Very pleased with my LumaDent light! I love the light weight design and it has greatly improved my ability to visualize what I'm working on. The ability to control the amount / intensity of light is very convenient.
    Isaac Morton | Via Google+ | 8/13/2014
  • Recently purchased LumaDent light system for my dental loupes. Received in mail almost immediately. Design is top notch, exudes quality craftsmanship. Battery pack aluminum design is solid build quality. Innovative mounting system to safety glasses/loupes. Brighter than the competitors and at a significantly lower price point, can't be beat. Definitely one of my smartest purchases when it comes to dental equipment.
    Rahul M | Via Google+ | 8/06/2014
  • Very dependable light with high intensity, Light weight. I can not work without it!!
    Lisa Hand | Via Facebook | 7/31/2014
  • Lumadent is an absolute must have for any clinician wanting to deliver better care. Mylinh was great. She came out and showed me the lighting system in person, and I was impressed. Now its been a year with Lumadent light and i cannot practice without it. Its lightweight and the battery pack last a full workday.


    Sam N. | Via Yelp | 7/28/2014
  • Thank you Luma Dent. The light has the best unique illumination field with the most affordable pricing. It's rigid product, has all the accessories for all loupes and it charges 3-4 hours, last for 16-20 hours on half intensity use as promised, knob adjustable intensity to avoid brightness distraction and detect the shallow caries. The service response is super fast. Great product and I really love it.


    Mohammed A Baryaka | Via Facebook | 07/25/2014
  • I have searched light source for me and my staff and was referred to LumaDent. We have been using their products for the last three months. The light sources are great products, strong lights, compact and lite, and easy to use. Great customer service! Kudos to Brandon!


    David Crumpton | Via Facebook | 07/16/2014
  • Great product for a great value. Battery pack holds an amazing charge with very minimal charge times. LumaDent customer service has been easy to work with and they continue to make improvements to their product.


    Tyler Peterschmit | Via Facebook | 06/27/2014
  • This is the best, brightest and lightest light I have used, and the best part - it doesn't break the budget! I now find it difficult working without the use of this light, I even convinced my boss to buy the light as well! Lumadent have a fantastic product along with great customer service with a very quick response! highly recommended A++

    David Semeniuk | Via Facebook | 06/20/2014
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed the lumadent led light it literally enabled me to maximize the effectiveness of my loupes. I love the light weight and I have found the customer service to be outstanding.


    Christopher Culliton | Via Facebook | 06/19/2014
  • The best light on the market, and even better customer service. Amazing!


    Amjad Ansari | Via Facebook | 06/18/2014
  • Absolutely amazing customer service!
    I had a light system from another company (large company with a solid reputation) and LumaDent has a superior product, infinitely better customer service and a much better price point.
    Highly recommended!


    Eric Batterton | Via Facebook | 06/16/2014
  • I am the proud owner of three LumaDent Headlamps. I have been using their headlamps for the past 4-5 years. They are so reliable that when I built my current office I did not even include overhead lights on my dental chairs. I don't miss asking my assistant to redirect the light around my head. I use Orascoptic TTL 4.8X loupes and have more than enough light for surgical and endodontic procedures. Their customer support and top-notch and hassle free. Great company and products!


    Christopher Cox | Via Facebook | 06/06/2014
  • Great lighting system and even better customer service. Lumadent is by far the most popular lighting system among my classmates at the University of Louisville school of Dentistry. Couldn't be happier with the system and definitely think it is the best system for the value. The service rep Noe was great to deal with and offered first class service

    Nathan T | Via Yelp | 06/04/2014
  • I am very pleased with LumaDent customer service! They have offered the unbeatable prices! Tons of add-ons included in the price. I cannot wait to use my Lumadent light.


    Erin Beiler | Via Facebook | 05/30/2014
  • LumadDent's customer service is excellent! Very responsive and willing to work with their customers. I definitely recommend buying a LumaDent light!


    Jeff Cutler | Via Facebook | 05/23/2014
  • I just want to say thank you for a great product. Received my LED this week and been using it constantly. Was a quarter of the price of the recommended LED for my Heine loupes. Thank you again.


    Richard Annis via Email | 05/22/2014
  • I’m a proud owner of a LumaDent light and wanted to personally let you know that I’ve never been so impressed with a company. My battery charger had broken upon taking it out of a wall socket, and a gentleman over the phone was extremely understanding and nice to have sent me a new one in the mail right away. There were no accusations or relentless questions, I wasn’t even asked to send in my broken charger. I just want to say, thank you! The quality of the light never ceases to amaze me (I get compliments from faculty ALL THE TIME) and the customer service is outstanding.


    Kudos I will continue to recommend your product.


    Sophia Majeed | via Email | 05/21/2014
  • I just want to thank lumadent for making a quality light! Your product is one of a kind and I'm highly satisfied with my purchase!


    Matt Rolfes | Via Facebook | 05/15/2014
  • Lumadent has great customer service with quick email replies and very helpful staff, their light is also fantastic and cheaper than almost any company, they also have customizable mounts so they can work for almost any loupes.

    Highly recommended!!



    John Guirguis | Via Facebook | 05/12/2014
  • Thank you LumaDent for helping me convert the headlamp from the Surgical TTL loopes to my new DFV TTL loopes. The conversion is said to be straight forward. The LumaDent light is the best


    Ray Kessler Via Facebook | 04/30/2014
  • Thanks Lumadent! We love our light for our loupes.


    Whitney KcPike Via Facebook | 04/24/2014
  • The Lumadent headlight and accessories have proven to be just what we needed in the practice. Very good products, fair prices and excellent customer service. Thanks


    Kevin Armbrecht, DDS Via Email 04/22/2014
  • I have been very pleased with my light and the customer service I have received from LumaDent as a dental student. The few times I have needed to contact them for help, I have received it in a timely manner and it has solved the issue. I highly recommend them and their product.


    Jeremy Lois | Via Facebook | 04/16/2014
  • When selecting loupe lights, I was very sensitive and even picky. I tried several companies but something was not enough. Lumadent light is the most cost-effective and has top notch customer service. Low heat radiation in front of my forehead, high intensity, uniform light field, easy-to-use, light weight, replaceable cables are really nice features. And you can fit lumadent light on everything, even your regular glasses.

    Hantae C | Via Yelp | 04/10/2014
  • Excellent customer service! Whatever issues I had were sorted very quickly. Highly recommend purchasing from Lumadent! Very satisfied customer!
    AJ A | Via Yelp | 04/10/2014
  • I'm really impressed with LumaDent's customer service. It's so easy to get a real person on the phone, and they are very helpful! My LumaDent light is really great quality. The brightness, battery life, and weight of the light are excellent. Highly recommended!
    Margret Ferr | Via Facebook | 04/03/2014
  • Great customer service. Replaced my composite filter for free.


    Todd Miles | Via Facebook | 04/03/2014
  • It's brilliant! Easy to install and use, the light was bright and light weight. Honestly I couldn't really feel the added weight on my Orascoptic TTL loupes. And what a nice touch to include a region-specific charger (Australia)! Not having to use a convertor plug is very helpful.

    Thanks again for the pre-purchase assistance you guys provided, your attention to detail, and of course for making such an excellent lighting system at very affordable prices. Definitely worth the high praises my friends/colleagues have been saying! And I'll sure be recommending LumaDent to everyone I know.


    Arthur Chuang | Via Facebook | 04/02/2014
  • Absolutely love my light. It is so bright and the battery lasts forever. I would recommend this light to anyone. Also the customer service is top notch. You'll never regret buying this light.


    Todd Matheson | Via Facebook | 03/24/2014
  • I highly highly recommend LumaDent… Their lights are great, well built, competitively priced, and their customer service is OUTSTANDING!! If you are looking for a light, look no further… Thanks LumaDent for a great product and for your excellent support when it was needed!!!


    Brad Berryhill | Via Facebook | 03/21/2014
  • Best headlights ever, I had seen my friend's Lumadent headlight and worked with it before deciding to purchase one for myself, and i gotta say these things rock! best customer service too. Very helpful, cheers.


    Sina Soltani | Via Facebook | 03/12/2014
  • Very good light,happy with my purchase. Great customer service!


    Saeedeh Azadi | Via Facebook | 03/12/2014
  • I have been using my Lumadent light for three years now and I absolutely love it! The customer service has also been wonderful and I have always received prompt responses to my emails regarding any troubleshooting. I HIGHLY recommend Lumadent products!


    Palak Parikh | Via Facebook | 03/10/2014
  • ve been using my Lumadent for a little over a week and it has truly been life changing. For the 1st time in my 24 year dental career, I can see what the hell I'm doing. I have always struggled with my choice to become a dentist and now realize that a very large part of my frustrations have simply stemmed from the lack of sufficient illumination from overhead lights. The stress of trying to do precision work in the back of a dark hole has been virtually eliminated from my life. For this, I am truly grateful. Here's wishing you and your company many, many years of success and prosperity.

    Coley Dugan | Via Facebook | 03/05/2014
  • Great customer service! I needed a different mount than the one I originally ordered and they sent out a new one free of charge!
    Christian Vidalon | Via Facebook | 03/10/2014
  • I purchased my first set of lights back in 2011, and since then I can honestly say it's changed the way I do dentistry. The customer service by this folks are awesome, they go above and beyond to keep their customers happy. If you need a light this is definitely the one to get. On one occasion I was even sent a free 'updated' mount for my loupe as the screws for my model didn't fit right. Keep it up guys.


    Dinesh Martin | Via Facebook | 03/04/2014
  • I have been very happy with my lumadent light! The customer service has been wonderful. I would definitely recommend this brand to my colleagues.

    Emily Lloyd | Via Facebook | 03/02/2014
  • I am using Lumadent light for 3 years now! This company has great products and great custumer service. I highly recommend their products if anyone is looking for the their light!


    Yong Woo Lee | Via Facebook | 02/28/2014
  • I was exposed to the Lumadent loupes lights when I was in Jamaica on a mission trip. They had donated a handful of lights to be used by the mission dentists. I'm heading to Peru in a few weeks and recently found out there will be five Lumadent lights that have also been donated for this trip! The light is very light-weight, and I like the on/off switch that I can hit with my elbow or the back of my hand. It's a physical switch on the side, as opposed to a competitors light who's touch system sometimes switches on/off from your cloths hitting it. 
    Their customer service is top notch and I highly recommend Lumadent! I also received my light two days within ordering!


    McKinley Soult | Via Yelp | 02/22/2014
  • I have a lumadent light with x2 battery packs and a carry case for almost a year. The light is fantastic and I never need to use the brightest setting. The double battery pack means there is always a charged pack. A single charge usually lasts me multiple days with heavy.
    I recently dropped the case and it broke but everything inside was fine. The customer service was friendly and prompt. They sent me a new case that arrived in 2 business days.
    I would definitely recommend a lumadent light.
    Dr ES 
    Dentist in Brooklyn NY


    Ehud S | Via Yelp | Brooklyn 02/19/2014
  • I just purchased a light and a pair of loupes from LumaDent and their customer service and quality of product is amazing. Anybody looking to purchase a light or loupes, I highly recommend them!


    Stefani Legg | Via Facebook | 02/12/2014
  • I love my light! I have had it for only two years now but its super bright, keeps a great charge, and is bullet proof so far.


    Phillip Henzlik | Via Facebook | 02/12/2014
  • The Lumadent LED light easily matches the quality and performance of all the top of the line competing LED's. And even with an extra battery, costs far less. Customer service is also unmatched. They take care of you!


    Miles Lew | Via Facebook | 02/05/2014
  • Light works great, very responsive customer service. Would recommend to anyone!


    Blake Essner | Via Facebook | 01/29/2014
  • Great customer service!! Absolutely love my light!


    Kate Sumner | Via Facebook | 01/28/2014
  • LumaDent customer service is unrivaled. They go above and beyond to make sure my light stays functional. I broke a small plastic part on the mounting bracket and they shipped me a replacement that same day without cost. Their product is excellent. Having a cable that is detachable on both ends is very convenient. Highly recommend.


    Matt West | Via Facebook | 01/14/2014
  • A year ago I needed a new reflector on one of my P&C track lights to the tune of $400.  Instead of spending the money on that, I decided to give LumaDent a try. Best decision ever.  I have been using them for over a year now with no problems whatsoever.  VERY bright.  Battery lasts all day on brightest setting.  Light mount screws right into my 10 year-old Orascoptic loupes with no problem.  All for a great price.  I ordered another one that came pre-mounted to a set of safety glasses for my assistant.  She loves it also.

    We stopped using our track lights completely several months ago.  I will never go back to overhead operatory lights.


    Eric | via DentalTown | 1/06/2014
  • I have had my lumadent light for 4 years.  I absolutely love it.  It is light-weight and very bright.  I use it everyday and only have to charge it once per week.  Working with this company has been a pleasure. I needed help switching my light from one loupe to another and emailed their rep.  Their rep emailed me back in seconds.  I have been overall impressed with LumaDent.


    Lindsey Chang | 12/30/2013
  • Love my LumaDent!! Great customer service!


    Marilee Sulivan | Via Facebook | 12/17/2013
  • Really great light. Great company to work with. Will work with whatever problem you have to correct it. Highly recommend them.


    Bindi Bhalala Patel | Via Facebook | 12/10/2013
  • I recently purchased the LumaDent light. and it is wonderful! 
    The light is great and very light weight. They have great customer service.


    Paul Grin | via Facebook | 10/02/2013
  • I was one of the faculty members who accompanied the students from the University of Kentucky on the Ecuador mission trip. Your lights were a lifesaver for us allowing us to operate in pretty sketchy conditions. I very much appreciate your support of our students and the mission of the Shoulder to Shoulder organization.
    thanks again,


    Dr. Greg Cobetto | 2012
  • No overhead lights in my office, going on 2 years now.  Spend another $1000 and get a light for both assistants.  I dont have fiberoptic and I dont miss them one bit..   With a headlight mounted to my loupes... If I can see it, its lit up.  nothing a fiberoptic provides in addition to that. 

    I use my lumadent with my 8.0x loupes and its perfect.  My assistant tells me that she hated overhead lights.   Hygienists each have loupes/lumadent also.  We have 5 lumadents in the office now and not a single overhead light.  Even if I did have overhead lighting I would still have 4 lumadents.  

    Irfan | via DentalTown | 12/27/2012
  • I am so pleased with your new light! I am so impressed with the quality of the light and the ease of use. It’s much easier to operate than my previous light and as you know, it’s so very light in weight. I especially like the on/off switch compared to my previous light. It is much more user friendly. Thank you very much!

    James Hastings, DDS | 12/2012
  • I have got to let you and your company know that the light has been the best investment in my practice of dental hygiene.The LumaDent headlamp is comfortable, lightweight, emits no heat, excellent brightness, color and diameter of spot, long battery life that lasted my 8+ hour days and easy controls made working in my 36th year of clinical hygiene the best yet. I am amazed at the visibility enhancement your light made with my Brasseler loupes-truly a winning combination. For the first time this week, in years, my family didn't hear me moan about aching neck, back, shoulders or headaches, I attribute this to my new LumaDent LED headlamp. I cannot thank you enough for your patience, informed information in LED equipment, demonstration and pleasant salesmanship; and most of all, for transforming me into an ergonomically happy hygienist after all these years.


    Madalyn | MadUltrasonics.com | Via Email | 8/13/2012
  • I have three lumadent lights mounted on... safety glasses, 2.5 heine loupes, and 5.5 surgitel loupes The light coverage is PERFECT for my 5.5s (working distance 50cm) and I use it on minimum power for routine checkups and restorative. Will crank it up a touch for tough endos... it never goes to max power, not needed I have zero issues with the lumadent brightness at 5.5x mag
    Alan | via DentalTown | 07/26/2012
  • Fantastic product. Fantastic and very personal customer service. Had one for nearly a year and a half now. Will definitely be getting another one soon when I get some new loupes.

    Don is a legend.

    KarlPilkington | via DentalTown | 6/24/2012
  • Hi Don,
    I wanted to get back to you and tell you how much your lights helped on our mission trip to Jamaica last March.  I have enclosed a few photos, of of the team saying a big Thank You to you and Luma Dent, and the other was when we had a power outage, and thanks to your lights we were able to keep on working and finish the surgical procedure.  It was late that night and very dark and when the power went out, we would have been scrambling, but thanks to your light, we made it through. 
    The lights were used by another team the very next week, and I have not heard of any problems. May God Continue to Bless you,
    Thanks again,
    Jim C | via Email | 05/06/2012
  • LumaDent all the way
    I have 4.5 loupes and light is bright enough for me. Battery life is fantastic.

    Customer service is the best


    Drpeteg via DentalTown | 05/01/2012
  • I gave Lumadent a try based on the recommendations here on DT and they sent me theirs 2nd day and I've used it for a whole day now, and I've gotta say, it's been great. The light field on the Lumadent isn't as tight a field as DFV, but just a bright to me and the composite shield is better designed than DFV (has a little magnetic "hold" to keep it open or closed). For $407 (shipping included), I'd say they win. We'll see how well it holds up to my beatings, but after one day, I'm pleased with it.


    Llorren via DentalTown | 04/30/2012
  • I REALLY like my new light!!! It is fabulous!! Thanks so much! I will gladly recommend you to my colleagues. It is wonderful. What else can I say?


    Dr. Michael W | via email | 04/24/2012
  • 3 days ago my LF2 overhead lamp broke a spring and would not stay up.   Well I had not used that light in a couple years since going to Lumadents.  The repair guy was going to fix it and I said, no just throw this dinasaur into the boneyard!  The Lumadent beats any overhead lamp ever made, no question.  At a tenth the cost.


    skr RDH | via DentalTown | 04/11/2012
  • After having this repaired twice in less than two years and facing another repair, I decided to go with aLumadent light. What really ticked me off was the "I don't give a crap" attitude from the technicians at DFV. They couldn't send a loaner, couldn't ballpark the repair costs, and had no idea how long it would be until I got my light back. After that infuriating conversation, I ended up ordering a lumadent light with an extra battery that arrived by noon the next day. Needless to say, I will not be buying my next set of loupes from DFV.


    Steven D | via DentalTown | 03/22/2012
  • I've been using my lumadent with my orascoptic 3.7's for about 4 months and love it.  Very bright and easy to use.  I would highly recommend it also.


    Steven G. Spencer, DDS | via DentalTown | 02/26/2012
  • Another vote for Don at LumaDent.  When my SheerVision batteries started going belly-up (again), I contacted him about his SV replacement batteries.  They have operated flawlessly and the quality is excellent.
    I bought extra batteries to replace my hygienists' failing SV batteries, and then just bought a complete LumaDent kit for another hygienist.  She loves the light.
    Unless you're using low magnification (2.5x), the LumaDent light might not be bright enough.  When the magnification increases, so must the light output.  At 4.5x, theLumaDent light just isn't bright enough.  At 6.0x, even the SV Infinity is marginal, IMO.
    Great product from LumaDent!

    Don McNamara | via DentalTown | 01/30/2012
  • I just want to second the above post by konarocky. I have had the same lumadent light for about 4 months now and have been extremely pleased with the product and the customer service. Its a great little design and Don the owner has always replied to my emails (most of the time within the hour somehow) and been extremely nice and helpful. I'm currently in school now and have had the chance to compare this light to many of its competitors, and I honestly don't think I would trade it, especially for the money.


    Stu837 | via DentalTown | 01/29/2012
  • I got this light through a local vendor attached to a headband and I love it also. I have 3 offices and I'm thinking about buying 2 more so I can just leave one in each office and not have to carry it around. Incredibly bright, almost too bright for my taste.


    Toofache32 | via DentalTown | 01/29/2012
  • Although I am just getting around to purchasing a Lumadent headlight myself, last year one of my friends was looking for a light and I recommended he give you a try based on your good reviews I read on Dentaltown. I have to say he was more than impressed and both his wife and I have now purchased your product. I only write this to let you know of the positive reviews of your product I have already heard. I am looking forward to using my new light. Thanks for making a quality affordable product.

    Gabe M | via email | 01/16/2012
  • I've used the lumadent light for over a year in private practice. Aboslutely no problems, as it works well, is lightweight, and doesn't break. I have not compared to another light, but the Lumadent certainly does ALL that I require. Don's customer service is great too, and there's something to be said about that. He has an updated design that should be shipping this month, so you might want to check on the details - may include some of the features you mentioned....OR I'm sure Don would customize a set if you asked. He definitely has a "spring mount" for standard prescription glasses which allows quick detach. Honestly...I'd just buy two. Good luck.


    Winsnerjb | via DentalTown | 09/14/2011
  • Got 3 lumadents so far, mounted on each one of my loupes, couldn't be happier. Excellent build quality, very bright, long lasting batteries and did i mention outstanding customer service ! get one, you can't go wrong.


    Adealdds | via DentalTown | 06/13/2011
  • Had my lumadent for about 6 months. It is fantastic and so is Don and his service.
    I actually like mine so much, I am considering using headlights onlyfor my entire staff with no overheaddental lights in my new office.


    Winsnerjb | via DentalTown | 06/11/2011
  • I recently purchased the Lumadent light. and it is wonderful! The light is great and very light weight. They have great customer service. I had a charger that sparked every time i plugged it in and i called Don and he sent me a new one to me for no charge right away and received it with in 3 days.


    Georgetashiro | via DentalTown | 06/09/2011
  • I just got mine last week and used it for the first time today. AWESOME quality and service! I am debating ordering another one for a non-magnification setup since I don't use my loupes all the time.


    License2Drill | via DentalTown | 04/26/2011
  • Here's another very pleased owner of the Lumadent light... Everything works perfectly well. I associate in a few offices so I lug all my personal dental equipment from home to different offices. I'm guessing during a commute - I broke the battery AC adapter plug. I emailed Don asking where I could pick up a new plug. Within hours, he described what I would need to look for at a local RadioShack. Good customer service. Within 2 days (without asking), I receive a replacement adapter at no charge shipped to my home address. Incredible customer service! Don provides a great product at an unbeatable price and does so with excellent customer service.


    Pedroburrito | via DentalTown | 04/22/2011
  • Here's another vote for a Lumadent versus overhead lighting. My solo Lumadent is still going strong two years later, even though I'm hard on it (I'm going to order a spare battery because it's SO HARD to go back to shadowed light with the overhead lamp if I forget to charge or whatever). Weight is extremely important to me as well, which is why I wear the SandyGrendel TTL loupes. Lumadent had a wonderful minimalist attachment and the added weight is probably about 5 grams - I don't notice it at all, and in fact because the light goes where I go, it reduces the movements I have to make in order to get good visuals. Here's a review about the Lumadent that I wrote when I first got it and was in my honeymoon period.

    Let's just say we're still madly in love.


    Trish | Via Dentalbuzz | 02/02/2011
  • I have a lumadent and it is fantastic. The light is excellent and the customer support you'll get from Don is unrivaled. The only reason I'd consider buying any other light is if you need a much brighter light for high magnification scopes (ie. 4.5 and up), at which point you're not really in the mini light category anymore.


    Canucklehead | via Dentaltown | 09/28/2010
  • I love my lumadent. I bought two...:) The service is great. The unit is well made. And they turned up in less than a week despite living in Australia.


    Linc | via DentalTown | 09/26/2010