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Eye Prescription Options

Our main goal with loupes is for our customers to be able to view teeth, gums, and their surroundings effortlessly. We offer a couple options to accomplish this for our customers who use an eye prescription. 

 Please contact our customer service team to help you choose the right options for you at 775-829-4488.

Rx Sport Frame 

For customers who would prefer to have their eye prescription on the frame lens instead of an insert. We have created a new frame just for you, Rx Sport Frame. Made to fit any eye prescription you may have on the lense of the frame. This will allow you to see view your working station around the oculars. Then to view the teeth and gums you will look through the oculars (magnificaton).  This frame is adjustable to sit securely and comfortable throughout all of your procedures. 

Rx Insert

For customers who still prefer to have an insert we still have that option for you as well. Our Rx Insert is another option to insert your eye prescription on your loupes. The Rx Insert is an added lens that connects to the backside of the frame.