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Long Wire Package (V3)

Our bright LED headlight system has a unique replaceable wire. The wire design allows it be flexible and comfortable to wear for any user. This wire internally and externally is well-built and provides plenty of support to prevent shorts and breakage. Our design allows the user to replace the cable if necessary and prevent any downtime to have to send in for service. Purchase a few back-up wires today and prevent downtime for the future!

  • Package of 3 - 5.0 ft wires

  • 1 Wire Clip




Our long wires work great for above avergae height customers who would like to clip their battery pack on their belt. Also,this wire can be used to place the battery pack in the customer's scrub pocket; therfore, not having to clip the battery pack on the belt. Using the long wire provides enough slack to adjust the wire so you may place the battery pack where needed.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base


Length:                 5.0 ft 

Weight:                 1.0 oz



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