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TTL 2.5x, Stellar frame

Our Thru-The-Lens loupes are custom made to fit you perfectly. No need for any adjustments. We use a unique state of the art digital measuring system that will measure your interpupillary distance between your eyes so that you can see one crystal clear image.

Our loupes are ergonomically designed to help eliminate back and neck pain. While improving diagnostics and quality of care with the use of enhanced vision. 

 Loupes come with pre-install mount for LumaDent light!

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Our 2.5x magnification provides a large field of view to capture the entire treatment area. This magnification is easy to adapt to and comfortable enough to wear all day. Simply place on our 2.5x magnification loupes and instantly increase your ability to detect and treat dental cavities while assisting in scaling, root planning and routine cleanings. These loupes are ideal for any dental professional looking to improve the quality of care they provide.

Our thru-the-lens loupes are designed specifically to feature a steep declination angle which prevents neck and back pain. Our loupes are more than magnification and style; they are a major tool that is ergonomically designed to promote a long and healthy career.


Included Accessories 

  • Carrying Case with Name Plate
  • Pre-Installed Mount
  • Head Strap
  • Cleaning Cloth

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base




Working Distance:

33-48 cm

Field of View:

8-11 cm

Depth of Field:

11-14 cm

Declination Angle:



46 g

*Measured on petite round frame 



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