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What are the Benefits of a Portable Illumination System?

Modern dentistry and dental procedures require the need of superior visual inspection to perform appropriate dental interventions with exceptional precision. Whether it would be the procedures of scaling, root planning, endodontic treatment, restorations or more complex surgeries. Portable illumination systems increase precision in the dental diagnosis and treatments.

Shadow-Free Illumination:

• Shadow-Free illumination ensures to have clear and absolute details of an area under examination
• A concentrated 60,000 lux white light will illuminate the oral cavity

• Reduce glare to enhance the patients comfort throughout their experience

Visual Comfort:

• Our lights are able to adjust the brightness of the LED headlamp for the proper lighting needed
• Our light pattern is consistent throughout, no adjusting for hot spots often seen with halogen lights
• Our headlamp is one of the lightest lights available, weighing in at only 5 grams

Enhanced Ergonomics:

• Portable LED headlight systems improves posture during procedures
• View patients with more details and clarity while staying at an optimal distance
• Free yourself from the burden of constantly adjusting your overhead light.

Powerful Efficient System:

• Our battery packs last up to 30 hours of continuous use
• Our LED lifespan is about 60,000 hours on average which translates to over 15 years clinically 
• Save on utilities due to energy efficiency


Do not limit yourself to bulky overhead lights or large heavy headlamps. Work smarter and easier with our light-weight and bright LED Headlight System.