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What are the Benefits of Investing in LumaDent Loupes and Headlights?

It's no secret that chronic pain and fatigue makes life less enjoyable and quite often dentists and hygenists suffer from either one or both of these. However, both of these are easily preventable by using loupes and portable headlight systems!

Back and neck pain in the dental field is often a result from poor posture, as many lean forward to see fine details or alleviate eye strain. This can be prevented by using dental loupes to see more clearly and work at a more ergonomically sound operating posture.

A LumaDent headlight system further prevents back, neck, and shoulder pain by eliminating the need to reach and to adjust an overhead light. Also, it will remove the need to work around your overhead light. Let your equipment work for you and make your work easier!


• Reduce strain on your eyes.

• Improve the quality of care and diagnostics.

• Improve your vision via greater magnification.

• Increased comfort via Ergonomics.