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Battery Pack V3

We have recently launched our highest capacity battery pack on the market. We have enhanced every internal component within the battery pack. Our new lithium ion battery cell will last up to 30 hours of continuous use from one single charge! Fully recharge your battery pack in just 2 hours. This light weight battery pack allows the user to have complete control over the brightness of the light!

Smart charger included with purchase!




Our Lithium-Ion battery pack is one of the best batteries on the market. On a single charge, this battery will last up to 30 hours. Once transferred to a clinical environment, this battery will last 3 to 5 days on a single charge! This battery will indicate with a bright orange light on the battery pack that there is only a 30 minute charge left until the battery is completely drained. On a drained battery, it will only take 2 hours to fully charge!

We have designed this battery pack to have pre-installed belt clip so you may attach it to your belt or scrub pants. This battery delivers infinite control over the brightness of your light with our intensity knob. This battery offers a hand-free operational switch; therefore, use your wrist or elbow to turn on/off the battery that way you do not contaminate your gloves!

Our Lithium Ion battery is compatible with many headlights on the market. Choose our amazing battery pack to power your headlight at a fraction of the cost!

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Battery Specifications


 Lithium Ion


 5.6 oz (155g)

Charge Time: 

 2.0 hours


 12-30 hours

Intensity Control:

 Completely adjustable from 15% to 100% Intensity

LED Indicator: 

 Orange = Low battery; 20 minutes of usage left


Rechargable Li-Ion Battery Pack

Charging Time:

Plug charger on the bottom end of the battery pack to charge. The charging time for a full charge will only take 2.5 hours.

Battery Life:

On a single charge the battey will last 30 hours on low intensity and 12 hours on high intensity. This translates to 3-5 days clinically per charge.

Intensity Control:

Have complete control over the brightness of the light with the intesnity knob. The brightness power can be linearly adjustable from 15% to 100%.

LED Indicatior:

On the Smart Charger:

Green Light = Battery is fully Charged
Red Light = Charging in progress 

On the Battery Pack:

Orange Light = Low battery; 20 minutes of battery life left.

Smart Charger:

Input:  100-240V
Output: 8.4V, 1.2A 


Lithium-ion batteries are among the most comon batteries used today. Although li-ion batteries are safe to use like any other technology, if used incorrectly can cause damages or injuries. To prevent this from occuring please take the following safety precautions when using the LumaDent Li-Ion Battery Pack:

• Do not charge the battery overnight/unattended. As a general guideline we recommend charging batteries during your lunch break. Charging the battery for only 1 hour will give you up to 5 hours of use!
• Do not drop, immerse battery in liquids or store near a hot area as this may cause the battery to rupture
• Please, only use a LumaDent specified charger when charging the battery, use of a non specified charger can affect battery longevity
• If the battery acts abnormally, contact us right away



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