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I have been very happy with my lumadent light! The customer service has been wonderful. I would definitely recommend this brand to my colleagues.

Emily Lloyd | Via Facebook | 03/02/2014

Here's another vote for a Lumadent versus overhead lighting. My solo Lumadent is still going strong two years later, even though I'm hard on it (I'm going to order a spare battery because it's SO HARD to go back to shadowed light with the overhead lamp if I forget to charge or whatever). Weight is extremely important to me as well, which is why I wear the SandyGrendel TTL loupes. Lumadent had a wonderful minimalist attachment and the added weight is probably about 5 grams - I don't notice it at all, and in fact because the light goes where I go, it reduces the movements I have to make in order to get good visuals. Here's a review about the Lumadent that I wrote when I first got it and was in my honeymoon period.

Let's just say we're still madly in love.


Trish | Via Dentalbuzz | 02/02/2011

I am using Lumadent light for 3 years now! This company has great products and great custumer service. I highly recommend their products if anyone is looking for the their light!


Yong Woo Lee | Via Facebook | 02/28/2014

Really great light. Great company to work with. Will work with whatever problem you have to correct it. Highly recommend them.


Bindi Bhalala Patel | Via Facebook | 12/10/2013

Great product for a great value. Battery pack holds an amazing charge with very minimal charge times. LumaDent customer service has been easy to work with and they continue to make improvements to their product.


Tyler Peterschmit | Via Facebook | 06/27/2014

Hi Don,
I wanted to get back to you and tell you how much your lights helped on our mission trip to Jamaica last March.  I have enclosed a few photos, of of the team saying a big Thank You to you and Luma Dent, and the other was when we had a power outage, and thanks to your lights we were able to keep on working and finish the surgical procedure.  It was late that night and very dark and when the power went out, we would have been scrambling, but thanks to your light, we made it through. 
The lights were used by another team the very next week, and I have not heard of any problems. May God Continue to Bless you,
Thanks again,

Jim C | via Email | 05|06|2012

Great customer service! I needed a different mount than the one I originally ordered and they sent out a new one free of charge!

Christian Vidalon | Via Facebook | 03/10/2014

Very good light,happy with my purchase. Great customer service!


Saeedeh Azadi | Via Facebook | 03/12/2014

The Lumadent LED light easily matches the quality and performance of all the top of the line competing LED's. And even with an extra battery, costs far less. Customer service is also unmatched. They take care of you!


Miles Lew | Via Facebook | 02/05/2014

The best light on the market, and even better customer service. Amazing!


Amjad Ansari | Via Facebook | 06/18/2014

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