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Dental loupes; Flip-up loupes and TTL loupes; magnification

I have received my order. The light has exceeded my expectations,very simple installation and outstanding performance. I would like to commend your company for the ease of ordering,your follow up confirmation emails and the expedient delivery of the item. The order arrived in Australia six days after placement. Thank you from a satisfied customer. Kind Regards Peter Walmsley

Peter Walmsley | Via Email | 8/28/2014

Very pleased with my LumaDent light! I love the light weight design and it has greatly improved my ability to visualize what I'm working on. The ability to control the amount / intensity of light is very convenient.

Isaac Morton | Via Google+ | 8/13/2014

I used their [Non-Lumadent] light for years and I liked it. Just a little pricey. I went through 2 or 3 of them. I bought a lumadent about 3 years ago. Its been going great. The batteries last me a week. I only turn on the light when Im in a patients mouth. The light has a long warranty. The cords and batteries, not so much. The cords are cheap. About 5 bucks. I ordered some and thought they were 20 dollars. I thought that sounded cheap. I ordered 2. Turns out I was ordering 2 packs of 4. When 8 of them showed up, I was surprised. The lumadent has been an excellent light for now going on 3 years. Its plenty bright for Dentistry

Extractor | Via DentalTown | 10/1/2014

I am using Lumadent light for 3 years now! This company has great products and great custumer service. I highly recommend their products if anyone is looking for the their light!


Yong Woo Lee | Via Facebook | 02/28/2014

Thanks so much for making such a great product! To other dental professionals, I highly recommend both the loupes and the light. I have had other brands of loupes, but decided to try the lumadent flip ups and I love them as much or more than my other pair of high end loupes, and the lumadents cost less than half as much. The light will also change your life. A week or two ago I did a restoration on the distal of a third molar and I thought to myself "It would take me forever to do this without this light." Great customer service, great products, really nice guys. Try it, you won't regret it.

Robert Ashby | Via | 11/10/2014

Got 3 lumadents so far, mounted on each one of my loupes, couldn't be happier. Excellent build quality, very bright, long lasting batteries and did i mention outstanding customer service ! get one, you can't go wrong.


Adealdds | via DentalTown | 06/13/2011

+1 Lumadent. Works well and durable. For the price, you could probably buy 2 lights from the other big name brands. So if your Lumadent goes out, you're not really in the hole. But if your big name brand light goes out and you have customer service problems getting it serviced, well then you're in the hole that much more. I buy it with the intention of replacing it in the near future. Nothing lasts forever. Read more reviews on Dental Town!

Anthony Do | Via Dental Town | February 2016

Excellent product! I am able to use my super reliable LumaDent light with both of my loupes. The ease of charging and attachment to my eyewear was very easy. I am over the moon satisfied with the exceptional customer service, communication and customer care that I purchased a second light when my updated loupes arrived. My first light is still going strong after three years of use!!
Love the LumaDent products: reliable and appropriate light source for my magnification eyewear.

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Beth Kageyama | Via Facebook | March 2015

I gave Lumadent a try based on the recommendations here on DT and they sent me theirs 2nd day and I've used it for a whole day now, and I've gotta say, it's been great. The light field on the Lumadent isn't as tight a field as DFV, but just a bright to me and the composite shield is better designed than DFV (has a little magnetic "hold" to keep it open or closed). For $407 (shipping included), I'd say they win. We'll see how well it holds up to my beatings, but after one day, I'm pleased with it.


Llorren via DentalTown | 04/30/2012

I have thoroughly enjoyed the lumadent led light it literally enabled me to maximize the effectiveness of my loupes. I love the light weight and I have found the customer service to be outstanding.


Christopher Culliton | Via Facebook | 06/19/2014

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