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I've been using my lumadent with my orascoptic 3.7's for about 4 months and love it.  Very bright and easy to use.  I would highly recommend it also.


Steven G. Spencer, DDS | via DentalTown | 02/26/2012

Lumadent 4.0x with their light. I used to have DFV, but when my loupes broke it turned into a horrible show getting my replacement. They didn't seem to care much, so I cancelled my order and went with lumadent. Excellent loupes. Better light. Larger field of view than the standard 4.5x DFV. 

I seriously just ordered a second pair as a spare. 

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Townie Supporter | Via DentalTown | October 2015

I initially came to Lumadent because of the cost. I faced constant problems with a light I purchased through orascoptic. Replacement after replacement, they tried their best to solve a problem, but they ultimately had a subpar product. I opted to buy a entire light system from lumadent as opposed to replacing one component from orascoptic, the same cost for the one component at Orascoptic as a whole system at Lumadent.

I couldn't be happier with the results. The light they offer hasn't let me down in the office, day in and day out, it has offered predictable illumination for the work I am providing. 

Much better product, at a fraction of the cost. Keep doing what you're doing Lumadent!

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Mike Coughlin | Via Google Reviews | January 2015

I was in contact with Jose in regards to my battery cell repair and he was phenomenal. I just wanted to say I really appreciate the next day air (got to me just in time), the name label (makes the case look more professional) as well as the new storage area for the loupes. Also I appreciate the new wires and upgraded battery cell!!! This company has exceeded my expectations and I will definitely order more in the future. Thanks a lot Jose!!

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Ashton Queja | Via Facebook | January 2017

I'm very glad I went with LumaDent loupe light instead of the light that would have come with my loupes. I've heard people having trouble with other lights, but not with LumaDent. The customer service is quite responsive and accommodating. The standard LumaDent mount also fits various loupe frames and even safety goggles. Keep up the great work!

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David Pham | Via Google Reviews | April 2015

Your lighting system is the best I have seen. I have been using your lights for a couple of years now and they make the world of difference. The customer service is top notch and they are very helpful if you have any issues. I highly recommend LumaDent.

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Damron Dental | Via Google Reviews | January 2015

I am using Lumadent light for 3 years now! This company has great products and great custumer service. I highly recommend their products if anyone is looking for the their light!


Yong Woo Lee | Via Facebook | 02/28/2014

Excellent product! I am able to use my super reliable LumaDent light with both of my loupes. The ease of charging and attachment to my eyewear was very easy. I am over the moon satisfied with the exceptional customer service, communication and customer care that I purchased a second light when my updated loupes arrived. My first light is still going strong after three years of use!!
Love the LumaDent products: reliable and appropriate light source for my magnification eyewear.

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Beth Kageyama | Via Facebook | March 2015

Have purchased numerous different times. Great service and product.

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Jake Pranckun | Via Facebook | January 2017

Thank you LumaDent!! Superior customer care! I love your affordable illumination system for my loupes. Thank you!!

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Beth A Kageryama | Via Facebook | July 2015

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