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Absolutely love my light. It is so bright and the battery lasts forever. I would recommend this light to anyone. Also the customer service is top notch. You'll never regret buying this light.


Todd Matheson | Via Facebook | 03/24/2014

I used their [Non-Lumadent] light for years and I liked it. Just a little pricey. I went through 2 or 3 of them. I bought a lumadent about 3 years ago. Its been going great. The batteries last me a week. I only turn on the light when Im in a patients mouth. The light has a long warranty. The cords and batteries, not so much. The cords are cheap. About 5 bucks. I ordered some and thought they were 20 dollars. I thought that sounded cheap. I ordered 2. Turns out I was ordering 2 packs of 4. When 8 of them showed up, I was surprised. The lumadent has been an excellent light for now going on 3 years. Its plenty bright for Dentistry

Extractor | Via DentalTown | 10/1/2014

Hi All, I recently purchased the Lumadent light AND 3.3 TTL loupes. I've used them for the last two weeks and could not be happier. I previously owned DFV TTL's and had considered getting another pair but hesitated because of having to set up an appointment for measurements and previous experiences with poor customer service. I read some of the GREAT reviews about Lumadent on here so I thought I would give them a try. First of all, the customer service was amazing. I sent them an e-mail over the weekend and actually got a reply on a Saturday! They were able to make my loupes based on measurements and photos done following their very easy instructions. I received my light and custom-made loupes about 1.5 weeks after placing my order. The light is nice and bright and lite. The loupes are very clear, perfectly aligned, and very lite. I am ecstatic with my purchase. And, oh yeah, they cost probably about half what one of the big three companies would have charged.

Luvmyteef | Via DentalTown | 10/9/2014

I am so pleased with your new light! I am so impressed with the quality of the light and the ease of use. It’s much easier to operate than my previous light and as you know, it’s so very light in weight. I especially like the on/off switch compared to my previous light. It is much more user friendly. Thank you very much!

James Hastings, DDS | 12/2012

I was exposed to the Lumadent loupes lights when I was in Jamaica on a mission trip. They had donated a handful of lights to be used by the mission dentists. I'm heading to Peru in a few weeks and recently found out there will be five Lumadent lights that have also been donated for this trip! The light is very light-weight, and I like the on/off switch that I can hit with my elbow or the back of my hand. It's a physical switch on the side, as opposed to a competitors light who's touch system sometimes switches on/off from your cloths hitting it. 
Their customer service is top notch and I highly recommend Lumadent! I also received my light two days within ordering!


McKinley Soult | Via Yelp | 02/22/2014

About 9 years ago, I bought some Eagle Optical loupes 2.5x flip downs I think off ebay. They were sold directly by the manufacturer in the US. I think I paid about $200. I have been using them over the years and they have been great. I recently bought some cheap 3.5x w/ light from China on Ebay and I never could get the loupes to focus right, but it was only like $50, and I use the light as a backup. I ran into Don from Lumadent at a trade show was was blown away by their TTL loupes and light. Look at the lumadent website for prices but I think the flip downs are like $400 and the TTL are $600. I bought the loupes and light for about $1000. It has changed my world. I use them on everything and wonder how I saw anything before. My Eagles are a decent backup. If you are looking for inexpensive loupes that are good I would start with Lumadent.

Ddedds | Via DentalTown | 9/03/2014

Lumadent has great customer service with quick email replies and very helpful staff, their light is also fantastic and cheaper than almost any company, they also have customizable mounts so they can work for almost any loupes.

Highly recommended!!



John Guirguis | Via Facebook | 05/12/2014

I just got mine last week and used it for the first time today. AWESOME quality and service! I am debating ordering another one for a non-magnification setup since I don't use my loupes all the time.


License2Drill | via DentalTown | 04/26/2011

Had my lumadent for about 6 months. It is fantastic and so is Don and his service.
I actually like mine so much, I am considering using headlights onlyfor my entire staff with no overheaddental lights in my new office.


Winsnerjb | via DentalTown | 06/11/2011

I highly highly recommend LumaDent… Their lights are great, well built, competitively priced, and their customer service is OUTSTANDING!! If you are looking for a light, look no further… Thanks LumaDent for a great product and for your excellent support when it was needed!!!


Brad Berryhill | Via Facebook | 03/21/2014

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