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I initially came to Lumadent because of the cost. I faced constant problems with a light I purchased through orascoptic. Replacement after replacement, they tried their best to solve a problem, but they ultimately had a subpar product. I opted to buy a entire light system from lumadent as opposed to replacing one component from orascoptic, the same cost for the one component at Orascoptic as a whole system at Lumadent.

I couldn't be happier with the results. The light they offer hasn't let me down in the office, day in and day out, it has offered predictable illumination for the work I am providing. 

Much better product, at a fraction of the cost. Keep doing what you're doing Lumadent!

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Mike Coughlin | Via Google Reviews | January 2015

I have had my lumadent for over 10 months now with 2 batteries. Batteries last about 5 days each and the light is bright. It has solved my neck problem as I can see much better with the light and can maintain a better posture. The price is also very reasonable for the quality you are getting. Defn recommended.

Payam Fa | Via Facebook | 10/7/2014

Love Lumadent!!! Affordable and wonderful. It's great! Also, excellent customer service.

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Emily Story Dennison | Via Facebook |February 2015

When it came time to get a head light, all of my classmates recommended LumaDent as it is lightweight and bright. I have had my light for over a year now and have been very happy with it. Also, LumaDent's customer service is excellent! I highly recommend this head light for anyone looking for one.

Lauren Katz | Via Facebook | 9/03/2014

I have thoroughly enjoyed the lumadent led light it literally enabled me to maximize the effectiveness of my loupes. I love the light weight and I have found the customer service to be outstanding.


Christopher Culliton | Via Facebook | 06/19/2014

A year ago I needed a new reflector on one of my P&C track lights to the tune of $400.  Instead of spending the money on that, I decided to give LumaDent a try. Best decision ever.  I have been using them for over a year now with no problems whatsoever.  VERY bright.  Battery lasts all day on brightest setting.  Light mount screws right into my 10 year-old Orascoptic loupes with no problem.  All for a great price.  I ordered another one that came pre-mounted to a set of safety glasses for my assistant.  She loves it also.

We stopped using our track lights completely several months ago.  I will never go back to overhead operatory lights.


Eric | via DentalTown | 1/06/2014

I do not know how I survived the first 3 years of dental school without my LumaDent loupe light. This light is truly incredible, lightweight, and a necessity to practicing dentistry. LumaDent has great customer service and if you ever have any issues they resolve them immediately. I highly recommend the LumaDent loupe light for all makes of loupes and you will not be disappointed.

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Zachary Kingsberg | Via Google Reviews | January 2015

Received the light a month ago-- Very easy to assemble and easy to use. Found the light to be quite bright and real happy with the daily duration of the light packs! Was a great pick and company service is excellent-- responsive by phone--and online- do highly recommend!

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Renie Gross | Via Facebook | March 2015

I highly highly recommend LumaDent… Their lights are great, well built, competitively priced, and their customer service is OUTSTANDING!! If you are looking for a light, look no further… Thanks LumaDent for a great product and for your excellent support when it was needed!!!


Brad Berryhill | Via Facebook | 03/21/2014

I just want to thank lumadent for making a quality light! Your product is one of a kind and I'm highly satisfied with my purchase!


Matt Rolfes | Via Facebook | 05/15/2014

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