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Thanks Lumadent! We love our light for our loupes.


Whitney KcPike Via Facebook | 04/24/2014

Absolutely love my light. It is so bright and the battery lasts forever. I would recommend this light to anyone. Also the customer service is top notch. You'll never regret buying this light.


Todd Matheson | Via Facebook | 03/24/2014

I do not know how I survived the first 3 years of dental school without my LumaDent loupe light. This light is truly incredible, lightweight, and a necessity to practicing dentistry. LumaDent has great customer service and if you ever have any issues they resolve them immediately. I highly recommend the LumaDent loupe light for all makes of loupes and you will not be disappointed.

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Zachary Kingsberg | Via Google Reviews | January 2015

I have been using my Lumadent light for all of dental school. Battery life is great, I barely have to charge it! Light is brighter than anything I have seen. Great product and great customer service. Definitely recommend!

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Sunny Thakkar | Via Google Reviews | April 2015

Very pleased with my LumaDent light! I love the light weight design and it has greatly improved my ability to visualize what I'm working on. The ability to control the amount / intensity of light is very convenient.

Isaac Morton | Via Google+ | 8/13/2014

I love this product. I recommend every dentist to try it. It will revolutionize the way you practice dentistry

John Shui | Via Facebook | 9/25/2014

Another vote for Don at LumaDent.  When my SheerVision batteries started going belly-up (again), I contacted him about his SV replacement batteries.  They have operated flawlessly and the quality is excellent.
I bought extra batteries to replace my hygienists' failing SV batteries, and then just bought a complete LumaDent kit for another hygienist.  She loves the light.
Unless you're using low magnification (2.5x), the LumaDent light might not be bright enough.  When the magnification increases, so must the light output.  At 4.5x, theLumaDent light just isn't bright enough.  At 6.0x, even the SV Infinity is marginal, IMO.
Great product from LumaDent!

Don McNamara | via DentalTown | 01/30/2012

Thank you Luma Dent. The light has the best unique illumination field with the most affordable pricing. It's rigid product, has all the accessories for all loupes and it charges 3-4 hours, last for 16-20 hours on half intensity use as promised, knob adjustable intensity to avoid brightness distraction and detect the shallow caries. The service response is super fast. Great product and I really love it.


Mohammed A Baryaka | Via Facebook | 07/25/2014

Very good light,happy with my purchase. Great customer service!


Saeedeh Azadi | Via Facebook | 03/12/2014

I just want to second the above post by konarocky. I have had the same lumadent light for about 4 months now and have been extremely pleased with the product and the customer service. Its a great little design and Don the owner has always replied to my emails (most of the time within the hour somehow) and been extremely nice and helpful. I'm currently in school now and have had the chance to compare this light to many of its competitors, and I honestly don't think I would trade it, especially for the money.


Stu837 | via DentalTown | 01/29/2012

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