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I used their [Non-Lumadent] light for years and I liked it. Just a little pricey. I went through 2 or 3 of them. I bought a lumadent about 3 years ago. Its been going great. The batteries last me a week. I only turn on the light when Im in a patients mouth. The light has a long warranty. The cords and batteries, not so much. The cords are cheap. About 5 bucks. I ordered some and thought they were 20 dollars. I thought that sounded cheap. I ordered 2. Turns out I was ordering 2 packs of 4. When 8 of them showed up, I was surprised. The lumadent has been an excellent light for now going on 3 years. Its plenty bright for Dentistry

Extractor | Via DentalTown | 10/1/2014

Really great light. Great company to work with. Will work with whatever problem you have to correct it. Highly recommend them.


Bindi Bhalala Patel | Via Facebook | 12/10/2013

I was exposed to the Lumadent loupes lights when I was in Jamaica on a mission trip. They had donated a handful of lights to be used by the mission dentists. I'm heading to Peru in a few weeks and recently found out there will be five Lumadent lights that have also been donated for this trip! The light is very light-weight, and I like the on/off switch that I can hit with my elbow or the back of my hand. It's a physical switch on the side, as opposed to a competitors light who's touch system sometimes switches on/off from your cloths hitting it. 
Their customer service is top notch and I highly recommend Lumadent! I also received my light two days within ordering!


McKinley Soult | Via Yelp | 02/22/2014

My LumaDent light is lightweight and easy to use. Its been so nice to have, now I don't want to work without it.

Jonny Russell | Via Facebook | 8/20/2014

Absolutely amazing customer service!
I had a light system from another company (large company with a solid reputation) and LumaDent has a superior product, infinitely better customer service and a much better price point.
Highly recommended!


Eric Batterton | Via Facebook | 06/16/2014

I love my lumadent. I bought two...:) The service is great. The unit is well made. And they turned up in less than a week despite living in Australia.


Linc | via DentalTown | 09/26/2010

I just want to say thank you for a great product. Received my LED this week and been using it constantly. Was a quarter of the price of the recommended LED for my Heine loupes. Thank you again.


Richard Annis via Email | 05/22/2014

I am the proud owner of three LumaDent Headlamps. I have been using their headlamps for the past 4-5 years. They are so reliable that when I built my current office I did not even include overhead lights on my dental chairs. I don't miss asking my assistant to redirect the light around my head. I use Orascoptic TTL 4.8X loupes and have more than enough light for surgical and endodontic procedures. Their customer support and top-notch and hassle free. Great company and products!


Christopher Cox | Via Facebook | 06/06/2014

I have a lumadent and it is fantastic. The light is excellent and the customer support you'll get from Don is unrivaled. The only reason I'd consider buying any other light is if you need a much brighter light for high magnification scopes (ie. 4.5 and up), at which point you're not really in the mini light category anymore.


Canucklehead | via Dentaltown | 09/28/2010

Love my LumaDent!! Great customer service!


Marilee Sulivan | Via Facebook | 12/17/2013

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