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I have been using them for a few years. Love it. I was using surgitel and they are expensive compared to Luma. Meet with a rep to show you. I would recommend getting a few extra packs and also cables. The cables do wear out. I also use lowest setting.

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Townie Supporter | Via DentalTown | October 2016

The new UniLux white light is remarkably effective considering how lightweight and convenient its battery is, and how there is no tether needed which can get entangled. Got it in a good-value deal as part of a group buy. Customer service is prompt and professional.

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Dennis Trinh | Via Facebook review | November 9, 2017

Have purchased numerous different times. Great service and product.

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Jake Pranckun | Via Facebook | January 2017

LUMIDENT  is your FINAL AND ONLY STOP for  your optic light and  battery system.  I  purchased a  headlight system  and  battery from designs for Vision. The products were very pricey  and I  thought the  product will be reliable but I  had  nothing but problems  a month after I got  the headlight system . Also, I thought my reproductive organs were about to fry because the  battery pack got so hot.  The replacements broke down  as well. Thank goodness I found about Lumident from  a yelp review. Please, save yourself a  lot of  time, frustration, headache and money. Their products are  well made and very durable and way more affordable that, DFV nd other set ups out  there.  PLus, customer service is awesome. Someone is always there . A  human being.  This is a genuine review.  Last  thing you  want to happen is for your equipment to fail mid treatment and have the lights go out on you.  Give them a try. You will not be disappointed,  ALly S. my Lumident  connection  is awesome and very cordial  and professional.   Well, I can go  on  and on but you'll find out  how great  this company is!   Rae 

Rae Tom | Via E-mail | February 2017

LumaDent customer service is phenomenal. I have worked with Allie P. over the past month to purchase the right loupes and accessories. She answered each inquiry and provided me with the most professional service one could ask for. LumaDent is the true Cadillac of loupes and their service is second to none. I highly recommend them to any dental professional.

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Gary Nelson | Via facebook | December 2016

Not only a great product, the customer service is outstanding! Really an awesome company!

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Victoria Kheynis McQueen | Via Facebook | December 2016

Switched to Lumadent when one of the inner lenses (lens closest to eye) on the left loupe up and fell out one day.
Sent them to Surgitel for repair, quated at $900 + shipping.

Realized I could get new lumadents at a higher power, a light (really hated how bulkly and crappy the surgitel light was) for not much more. They even upgraded to the new light system you can either attach the battery to your collar with magnets or slight it behind your head attached to both legs of the loupe...Great, no problems at all.

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Townie Supporter | Via DentalTown | October 2016

I got the 4.0 Loupes with light. I love working with them. I asked for protective covering for the ocular lens and they were able to find some for me! Really great loupes. Great customer service. I've been really pleased.

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Jacquelyn Vo | Via Google review | September 2017

I was in contact with Jose in regards to my battery cell repair and he was phenomenal. I just wanted to say I really appreciate the next day air (got to me just in time), the name label (makes the case look more professional) as well as the new storage area for the loupes. Also I appreciate the new wires and upgraded battery cell!!! This company has exceeded my expectations and I will definitely order more in the future. Thanks a lot Jose!!

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Ashton Queja | Via Facebook | January 2017

I got a Luma Dent light for my loupes, safety glasses, and my assisstant's safety glasses. We are taking down all my overhead lights in each operatory and just using these loupe lights now. No problems so far with the Luma Dent lights and I like the on/off switch in it better than any other brand. The battery position behind the neck is the best. Very nice product.

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Austin Cope | Via Facebook | July 2017

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