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This is the best, brightest and lightest light I have used, and the best part - it doesn't break the budget! I now find it difficult working without the use of this light, I even convinced my boss to buy the light as well! Lumadent have a fantastic product along with great customer service with a very quick response! highly recommended A++

David Semeniuk | Via Facebook | 06/20/2014





FACD 2014 via Youtube | 10/15/2013


I have searched light source for me and my staff and was referred to LumaDent. We have been using their products for the last three months. The light sources are great products, strong lights, compact and lite, and easy to use. Great customer service! Kudos to Brandon!


David Crumpton | Via Facebook | 07/16/2014

I have been using LumaDent since Nov 2010 - I always recommend headlights and this product seems to me to be the best deal around. I am also impressed by the customer service I have experienced since then. Anyone who is considering LumaDent - don't hesitate to get one.

Felipe Miranda | Via Facebook | 10/01/2014

3 days ago my LF2 overhead lamp broke a spring and would not stay up.   Well I had not used that light in a couple years since going to Lumadents.  The repair guy was going to fix it and I said, no just throw this dinasaur into the boneyard!  The Lumadent beats any overhead lamp ever made, no question.  At a tenth the cost.


skr RDH | via DentalTown | 04/11/2012

I have got to let you and your company know that the light has been the best investment in my practice of dental hygiene.The LumaDent headlamp is comfortable, lightweight, emits no heat, excellent brightness, color and diameter of spot, long battery life that lasted my 8+ hour days and easy controls made working in my 36th year of clinical hygiene the best yet. I am amazed at the visibility enhancement your light made with my Brasseler loupes-truly a winning combination. For the first time this week, in years, my family didn't hear me moan about aching neck, back, shoulders or headaches, I attribute this to my new LumaDent LED headlamp. I cannot thank you enough for your patience, informed information in LED equipment, demonstration and pleasant salesmanship; and most of all, for transforming me into an ergonomically happy hygienist after all these years.


Madalyn | | Via Email | 8/13/2012

Love Lumadent!!! Affordable and wonderful. It's great! Also, excellent customer service.

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Emily Story Dennison | Via Facebook |February 2015

I just received my LumaDent headlight and used it all day. Wow! This is amazing. I see things I never saw before. Really, I don't know how I worked without this light. I give them a big thumbs up.

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Mark Collins | Via Dental Town | September 2016

Spoke with Robert in customer service this morning.

Burnt out my headlight running at max power it appears. I've had Lumadent battery packs and lights since April 2013. Prior to that I used only Orascoptic, and I liked them but kept having issues with the cords failing at the connection to the Zeon Discovery battery packs.

I love everything about the Lumadent product. And I am extremely pleased to find that your customer service is fantastic as well!After a quick diagnosis, Robert offered to send a replacement headlamp at no cost to me. Additionally, he went over some tips to avoid a repeat of the issue in the future.

I was so impressed and sure that I would continue to be a long term customer with Lumadent, that I went ahead and bought a second headlamp this morning as a back up for $200 and opted to have everything shipped overnight by FedEx for an extra $80. I couldn't be more pleased with Lumadent. I highly recommend without any reservation.

Todd Gifford | Via Facebook | 8/14/2014

Very helpful customer service and great quality light. I have been very happy with their service!

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Staci Friese | Via Facebook | April 2016

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