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I was one of the faculty members who accompanied the students from the University of Kentucky on the Ecuador mission trip. Your lights were a lifesaver for us allowing us to operate in pretty sketchy conditions. I very much appreciate your support of our students and the mission of the Shoulder to Shoulder organization.
thanks again,


Dr. Greg Cobetto | 2012

Excellent customer service! Whatever issues I had were sorted very quickly. Highly recommend purchasing from Lumadent! Very satisfied customer!

AJ A | Via Yelp | 04/10/2014

I am ever grateful to a colleague who recommended LumaDent lighting to me. I could not live without the bright LumaDent bulb that sits atop my Designs For Vision loupes... 

For you ENTs and other physicians out there, I would also recommend this for you. You will be surprised how much your visualization improves with robust lighting. Unlike an overhead light, the LumaDent puts the amount of light you need right where you need it.

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Bradley Jergins | Via Google Reviews | January 2015

I have had my lumadent light for 4 years.  I absolutely love it.  It is light-weight and very bright.  I use it everyday and only have to charge it once per week.  Working with this company has been a pleasure. I needed help switching my light from one loupe to another and emailed their rep.  Their rep emailed me back in seconds.  I have been overall impressed with LumaDent.


Lindsey Chang | 12/30/2013

I have received my order. The light has exceeded my expectations,very simple installation and outstanding performance. I would like to commend your company for the ease of ordering,your follow up confirmation emails and the expedient delivery of the item. The order arrived in Australia six days after placement. Thank you from a satisfied customer. Kind Regards Peter Walmsley

Peter Walmsley | Via Email | 8/28/2014

I have been very happy with my lumadent light! The customer service has been wonderful. I would definitely recommend this brand to my colleagues.

Emily Lloyd | Via Facebook | 03/02/2014

Another vote for Lumadent. I had to buy a second battery after about 2 years but that is about normal for lithium ion. 2 years in africa under the worst conditions you can imagine. Light held up great. Best price i have ever heard of. Also, ask for the box - it is great for storage of light and loupes and battery. Note: I have no financial stake in Lumadent, just really like the light and company because it is a good product minus the dreaded "medical mark up".

Mbullock79 | Via DentalTown | 10/30/2014

The best light on the market, and even better customer service. Amazing!


Amjad Ansari | Via Facebook | 06/18/2014

I am using Lumadent light for 3 years now! This company has great products and great custumer service. I highly recommend their products if anyone is looking for the their light!


Yong Woo Lee | Via Facebook | 02/28/2014

A year ago I needed a new reflector on one of my P&C track lights to the tune of $400.  Instead of spending the money on that, I decided to give LumaDent a try. Best decision ever.  I have been using them for over a year now with no problems whatsoever.  VERY bright.  Battery lasts all day on brightest setting.  Light mount screws right into my 10 year-old Orascoptic loupes with no problem.  All for a great price.  I ordered another one that came pre-mounted to a set of safety glasses for my assistant.  She loves it also.

We stopped using our track lights completely several months ago.  I will never go back to overhead operatory lights.


Eric | via DentalTown | 1/06/2014

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