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Spoke with Robert in customer service this morning.

Burnt out my headlight running at max power it appears. I've had Lumadent battery packs and lights since April 2013. Prior to that I used only Orascoptic, and I liked them but kept having issues with the cords failing at the connection to the Zeon Discovery battery packs.

I love everything about the Lumadent product. And I am extremely pleased to find that your customer service is fantastic as well!After a quick diagnosis, Robert offered to send a replacement headlamp at no cost to me. Additionally, he went over some tips to avoid a repeat of the issue in the future.

I was so impressed and sure that I would continue to be a long term customer with Lumadent, that I went ahead and bought a second headlamp this morning as a back up for $200 and opted to have everything shipped overnight by FedEx for an extra $80. I couldn't be more pleased with Lumadent. I highly recommend without any reservation.

Todd Gifford | Via Facebook | 8/14/2014

Absolutely incredible customer service everytime. I've had my light for years now and any issues have been promptly solved. Easy to communicate by phone or email. I could not ask anything more from a company's service and product. I am a loyal customer for life. Thank you!

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Marshall Young | Via Google Reviews | March 2015

I used their [Non-Lumadent] light for years and I liked it. Just a little pricey. I went through 2 or 3 of them. I bought a lumadent about 3 years ago. Its been going great. The batteries last me a week. I only turn on the light when Im in a patients mouth. The light has a long warranty. The cords and batteries, not so much. The cords are cheap. About 5 bucks. I ordered some and thought they were 20 dollars. I thought that sounded cheap. I ordered 2. Turns out I was ordering 2 packs of 4. When 8 of them showed up, I was surprised. The lumadent has been an excellent light for now going on 3 years. Its plenty bright for Dentistry

Extractor | Via DentalTown | 10/1/2014

Very pleased with my LumaDent light! I love the light weight design and it has greatly improved my ability to visualize what I'm working on. The ability to control the amount / intensity of light is very convenient.

Isaac Morton | Via Google+ | 8/13/2014

I've been practising dentistry for over 10 years now. I have bought and used the LED light from Designs from Visions and Orascoptic. Initially I had the Orascoptic light for 4 years and it was a 7/10. With newer technology I choose to upgrade to a newer LED daylight minilight from Designs for Visions. The light malfunctioned constantly, I was always sending it in for repairs on the cable, battery, headlight and customer service was always questionable in terms of communication. So the rep convinced me to upgrade to the newest light ($1000 - $200 credit for old light) and so I gave that one a try. Same thing. Constant issues with the battery, cable and light itself.

After these constant issues I finally decided enough is enough and went to the Lumadent. I can tell you it has a much better design with a magnetic orange shield, a straight power cable (no screw attachment) and a battery that is actually adjustable in terms of intensity. The Designs for Visions light I had to keep at max intensity all the time. .

Whether you're a student or a long time practicing dentist don't let the cost at half the price fool you - this is a superior product.

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Dr. Gurpreet Sidhu | Via Google Reviews | January 2015

I initially came to Lumadent because of the cost. I faced constant problems with a light I purchased through orascoptic. Replacement after replacement, they tried their best to solve a problem, but they ultimately had a subpar product. I opted to buy a entire light system from lumadent as opposed to replacing one component from orascoptic, the same cost for the one component at Orascoptic as a whole system at Lumadent.

I couldn't be happier with the results. The light they offer hasn't let me down in the office, day in and day out, it has offered predictable illumination for the work I am providing. 

Much better product, at a fraction of the cost. Keep doing what you're doing Lumadent!

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Mike Coughlin | Via Google Reviews | January 2015

Cannot work without the LumaDent light, great product. I have found the LumaDent team and Brandon to be extremely helpful in providing ongoing customer service. Thanks very much. Highly recommended!

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Hanna Pethani | Via Google Reviews | January 2015

The Lumadent headlight and accessories have proven to be just what we needed in the practice. Very good products, fair prices and excellent customer service. Thanks


Kevin Armbrecht, DDS Via Email 04/22/2014

Excellent customer service! Whatever issues I had were sorted very quickly. Highly recommend purchasing from Lumadent! Very satisfied customer!

AJ A | Via Yelp | 04/10/2014

The light is excellent. The loupes (3.3x) are very good for their price. They are not as perfect as my Surgitel (3.5x), but they also cost 75% less.

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Roman Kniter | Via Google Reviews | July 2015

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