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Great customer service! I needed a different mount than the one I originally ordered and they sent out a new one free of charge!

Christian Vidalon | Via Facebook | 03/10/2014

Lumadent has great customer service with quick email replies and very helpful staff, their light is also fantastic and cheaper than almost any company, they also have customizable mounts so they can work for almost any loupes.

Highly recommended!!



John Guirguis | Via Facebook | 05/12/2014

Another vote for Don at LumaDent.  When my SheerVision batteries started going belly-up (again), I contacted him about his SV replacement batteries.  They have operated flawlessly and the quality is excellent.
I bought extra batteries to replace my hygienists' failing SV batteries, and then just bought a complete LumaDent kit for another hygienist.  She loves the light.
Unless you're using low magnification (2.5x), the LumaDent light might not be bright enough.  When the magnification increases, so must the light output.  At 4.5x, theLumaDent light just isn't bright enough.  At 6.0x, even the SV Infinity is marginal, IMO.
Great product from LumaDent!

Don McNamara | via DentalTown | 01/30/2012

I've been using my lumadent with my orascoptic 3.7's for about 4 months and love it.  Very bright and easy to use.  I would highly recommend it also.


Steven G. Spencer, DDS | via DentalTown | 02/26/2012

I just want to second the above post by konarocky. I have had the same lumadent light for about 4 months now and have been extremely pleased with the product and the customer service. Its a great little design and Don the owner has always replied to my emails (most of the time within the hour somehow) and been extremely nice and helpful. I'm currently in school now and have had the chance to compare this light to many of its competitors, and I honestly don't think I would trade it, especially for the money.


Stu837 | via DentalTown | 01/29/2012

I have got to let you and your company know that the light has been the best investment in my practice of dental hygiene.The LumaDent headlamp is comfortable, lightweight, emits no heat, excellent brightness, color and diameter of spot, long battery life that lasted my 8+ hour days and easy controls made working in my 36th year of clinical hygiene the best yet. I am amazed at the visibility enhancement your light made with my Brasseler loupes-truly a winning combination. For the first time this week, in years, my family didn't hear me moan about aching neck, back, shoulders or headaches, I attribute this to my new LumaDent LED headlamp. I cannot thank you enough for your patience, informed information in LED equipment, demonstration and pleasant salesmanship; and most of all, for transforming me into an ergonomically happy hygienist after all these years.


Madalyn | | Via Email | 8/13/2012

I have three lumadent lights mounted on... safety glasses, 2.5 heine loupes, and 5.5 surgitel loupes The light coverage is PERFECT for my 5.5s (working distance 50cm) and I use it on minimum power for routine checkups and restorative. Will crank it up a touch for tough endos... it never goes to max power, not needed I have zero issues with the lumadent brightness at 5.5x mag

Alan | via DentalTown | 07/26/2012

I was exposed to the Lumadent loupes lights when I was in Jamaica on a mission trip. They had donated a handful of lights to be used by the mission dentists. I'm heading to Peru in a few weeks and recently found out there will be five Lumadent lights that have also been donated for this trip! The light is very light-weight, and I like the on/off switch that I can hit with my elbow or the back of my hand. It's a physical switch on the side, as opposed to a competitors light who's touch system sometimes switches on/off from your cloths hitting it. 
Their customer service is top notch and I highly recommend Lumadent! I also received my light two days within ordering!


McKinley Soult | Via Yelp | 02/22/2014

Here's another vote for a Lumadent versus overhead lighting. My solo Lumadent is still going strong two years later, even though I'm hard on it (I'm going to order a spare battery because it's SO HARD to go back to shadowed light with the overhead lamp if I forget to charge or whatever). Weight is extremely important to me as well, which is why I wear the SandyGrendel TTL loupes. Lumadent had a wonderful minimalist attachment and the added weight is probably about 5 grams - I don't notice it at all, and in fact because the light goes where I go, it reduces the movements I have to make in order to get good visuals. Here's a review about the Lumadent that I wrote when I first got it and was in my honeymoon period.

Let's just say we're still madly in love.


Trish | Via Dentalbuzz | 02/02/2011

I got this light through a local vendor attached to a headband and I love it also. I have 3 offices and I'm thinking about buying 2 more so I can just leave one in each office and not have to carry it around. Incredibly bright, almost too bright for my taste.


Toofache32 | via DentalTown | 01/29/2012

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