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uniLUX from LumaDent

Not only a great product, the customer service is outstanding! Really an awesome company!

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Victoria Kheynis McQueen | Via Facebook | December 2016

I have 2 pairs of lumadent loupes and 3 lights (one for mission trips) and I can't live without them. There were some issues with the cables last year and with the glue to hold the loupes in the glasses but both were addressed at no cost to me. The clip for the light on my frames moves a bit. Make sure you unclip the light before putting it in the box. The battery clip gives me a rash on my back but I have pretty sensitive skin. Overall happy.

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Kim Whippy | Via Facebook review | October 18, 2017

Great customer services with great prices for the best value.


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Jennifer Yen | Via Google reviews | April 2017

I have a set of the surgitel 3.5x micro TTL and got the Lumadent 4.0s as backups. i worethem for a day and now I wear them for a day and now I wear them everyday and the surgitels are my backups. Also have them with the Lumadent light. Hell of a value. Great Customer service. 

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Townie Supporter | Via DentalTown | February 2017

I got a Luma Dent light for my loupes, safety glasses, and my assisstant's safety glasses. We are taking down all my overhead lights in each operatory and just using these loupe lights now. No problems so far with the Luma Dent lights and I like the on/off switch in it better than any other brand. The battery position behind the neck is the best. Very nice product.

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Austin Cope | Via Facebook | July 2017

I received my first Lumadent light as a gift from another dentist. It outlasted my loupes and I got a Unilux light to go with my new light. The Unilux is great because there is no tether that goes to your waist or pocket to get caught on things. There are other loupes that have batteries at the end of the arms, but this seemed more comfortable to me. At first it seemed strange to have a battery at my neck, but after a day I didn't even notice it was there. I had a tear in one of the pieces that connects the battery to my loupes and they replaced it quickly and at no charge!

Andrea Smith Farrell | Via Facebook | July 2017

I first purchased my Lumadent headlight system in dental school - their affordable student discount was my first reason for purchasing, but since then, I have never looked back. Their lights are very bright, and the batteries last forever! I have also upgraded to the unilux system which makes things even more convenient. I recommend these lights to everyone!

Sean Park

The new UniLux white light is remarkably effective considering how lightweight and convenient its battery is, and how there is no tether needed which can get entangled. Got it in a good-value deal as part of a group buy. Customer service is prompt and professional.

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Dennis Trinh | Via Facebook review | November 9, 2017

LumaDent is AWESOME! I'm a dental student, and based on various other brands of lights/battery packs I have tried in labs and clinic, I can say that this is really a quality product and a great value. The lights are very bright, and the batteries last me all day. Additionally, a lot of light companies do not provide a composite filter with their lights. LumaDent's work great. Also, if you need any help with the ordering process, call Allie at the customer service number. She is very friendly and extremely helpful. Wonderful products and excellent customer service! Will continue to order from them in the future.

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David Dumbach | Via Facebook | September 2017

Just purchased a light for the first time and got the unilux.  Extremely happy with it and how it fits on my loupes.  I can't imagine not having a light and it's only been a week with my light.  I have oakley half-jackets for loupes.  Battery life lasts the entire day.

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Dental Town Member | Via DentalTown | December 2016