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Love Lumadent!!! Affordable and wonderful. It's great! Also, excellent customer service.

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Emily Story Dennison | Via Facebook |February 2015

Absolutely amazing customer service!
I had a light system from another company (large company with a solid reputation) and LumaDent has a superior product, infinitely better customer service and a much better price point.
Highly recommended!


Eric Batterton | Via Facebook | 06/16/2014

I have had my Lumadent for over a year now, and am very happy with it. In fact, I just got off the phone with customer service and they are absolutely wonderful. The light is very focused and bright. I can't imagine working without it. Thanks!!!

Ross Relte | Via Facebook | 8/28/2014

Thanks so much for making such a great product! To other dental professionals, I highly recommend both the loupes and the light. I have had other brands of loupes, but decided to try the lumadent flip ups and I love them as much or more than my other pair of high end loupes, and the lumadents cost less than half as much. The light will also change your life. A week or two ago I did a restoration on the distal of a third molar and I thought to myself "It would take me forever to do this without this light." Great customer service, great products, really nice guys. Try it, you won't regret it.

Robert Ashby | Via | 11/10/2014

The Lumadent LED light easily matches the quality and performance of all the top of the line competing LED's. And even with an extra battery, costs far less. Customer service is also unmatched. They take care of you!


Miles Lew | Via Facebook | 02/05/2014

I've been using my lumadent with my orascoptic 3.7's for about 4 months and love it.  Very bright and easy to use.  I would highly recommend it also.


Steven G. Spencer, DDS | via DentalTown | 02/26/2012

I am the proud owner of three LumaDent Headlamps. I have been using their headlamps for the past 4-5 years. They are so reliable that when I built my current office I did not even include overhead lights on my dental chairs. I don't miss asking my assistant to redirect the light around my head. I use Orascoptic TTL 4.8X loupes and have more than enough light for surgical and endodontic procedures. Their customer support and top-notch and hassle free. Great company and products!


Christopher Cox | Via Facebook | 06/06/2014

About 9 years ago, I bought some Eagle Optical loupes 2.5x flip downs I think off ebay. They were sold directly by the manufacturer in the US. I think I paid about $200. I have been using them over the years and they have been great. I recently bought some cheap 3.5x w/ light from China on Ebay and I never could get the loupes to focus right, but it was only like $50, and I use the light as a backup. I ran into Don from Lumadent at a trade show was was blown away by their TTL loupes and light. Look at the lumadent website for prices but I think the flip downs are like $400 and the TTL are $600. I bought the loupes and light for about $1000. It has changed my world. I use them on everything and wonder how I saw anything before. My Eagles are a decent backup. If you are looking for inexpensive loupes that are good I would start with Lumadent.

Ddedds | Via DentalTown | 9/03/2014

I highly highly recommend LumaDent… Their lights are great, well built, competitively priced, and their customer service is OUTSTANDING!! If you are looking for a light, look no further… Thanks LumaDent for a great product and for your excellent support when it was needed!!!


Brad Berryhill | Via Facebook | 03/21/2014

Light works great, very responsive customer service. Would recommend to anyone!


Blake Essner | Via Facebook | 01/29/2014

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