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Thanks so much for making such a great product! To other dental professionals, I highly recommend both the loupes and the light. I have had other brands of loupes, but decided to try the lumadent flip ups and I love them as much or more than my other pair of high end loupes, and the lumadents cost less than half as much. The light will also change your life. A week or two ago I did a restoration on the distal of a third molar and I thought to myself "It would take me forever to do this without this light." Great customer service, great products, really nice guys. Try it, you won't regret it.

Robert Ashby | Via | 11/10/2014

LumadDent's customer service is excellent! Very responsive and willing to work with their customers. I definitely recommend buying a LumaDent light!


Jeff Cutler | Via Facebook | 05/23/2014

I've been using my lumadent with my orascoptic 3.7's for about 4 months and love it.  Very bright and easy to use.  I would highly recommend it also.


Steven G. Spencer, DDS | via DentalTown | 02/26/2012

Really great light. Great company to work with. Will work with whatever problem you have to correct it. Highly recommend them.


Bindi Bhalala Patel | Via Facebook | 12/10/2013

ve been using my Lumadent for a little over a week and it has truly been life changing. For the 1st time in my 24 year dental career, I can see what the hell I'm doing. I have always struggled with my choice to become a dentist and now realize that a very large part of my frustrations have simply stemmed from the lack of sufficient illumination from overhead lights. The stress of trying to do precision work in the back of a dark hole has been virtually eliminated from my life. For this, I am truly grateful. Here's wishing you and your company many, many years of success and prosperity.

Coley Dugan | Via Facebook | 03/05/2014

Hi everyone, After nearly 15 years, I've decided to get a new pair of TTL loupes to replace my SurgiTel flip-ups. I decided to go with Lumadent's 3.3 loupes and LED headlight. After 2 weeks, I'm really happy with the product. good quality loupes that are clear and the light works great. There are other reviews of the Lumadent products that are more thorough, however, I'm writing to let everyone know of the exceptional customer service. I placed an order with Noah and he stayed in touch throughout the measurement process. It's simple yet very accurate. There was a short in one of the wires, I called Noah, and in a few days a replacement arrived at the office. I highly recommend Lumadent's products. They have exceptional customer support. Mike N. D.M.D

Mikenguyen | Via DentalTown | 9/21/2014

I have got to let you and your company know that the light has been the best investment in my practice of dental hygiene.The LumaDent headlamp is comfortable, lightweight, emits no heat, excellent brightness, color and diameter of spot, long battery life that lasted my 8+ hour days and easy controls made working in my 36th year of clinical hygiene the best yet. I am amazed at the visibility enhancement your light made with my Brasseler loupes-truly a winning combination. For the first time this week, in years, my family didn't hear me moan about aching neck, back, shoulders or headaches, I attribute this to my new LumaDent LED headlamp. I cannot thank you enough for your patience, informed information in LED equipment, demonstration and pleasant salesmanship; and most of all, for transforming me into an ergonomically happy hygienist after all these years.


Madalyn | | Via Email | 8/13/2012

I work at a corp, lights have been crap for years. I learned to work in the dark, makes all your work look good. Finally got a lumadent light. Changed the world. I will never go back. When I build I won't install overhead lights. Instead I'm going to put a big freaking flat screen in the pts face. Light or tv which would the pt prefer?

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Official Townie Member | Via Dental Town | October 2016

Best headlights ever, I had seen my friend's Lumadent headlight and worked with it before deciding to purchase one for myself, and i gotta say these things rock! best customer service too. Very helpful, cheers.


Sina Soltani | Via Facebook | 03/12/2014

Lumadent all the way, great company awesome customer service. 

Mkoz61 | Via Dental Town | August 2015

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