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Best headlights ever, I had seen my friend's Lumadent headlight and worked with it before deciding to purchase one for myself, and i gotta say these things rock! best customer service too. Very helpful, cheers.


Sina Soltani | Via Facebook | 03/12/2014

Lumadent is an absolute must have for any clinician wanting to deliver better care. Mylinh was great. She came out and showed me the lighting system in person, and I was impressed. Now its been a year with Lumadent light and i cannot practice without it. Its lightweight and the battery pack last a full workday.


Sam N. | Via Yelp | 7/28/2014

The best light on the market, and even better customer service. Amazing!


Amjad Ansari | Via Facebook | 06/18/2014

Excellent customer service. The best light you will ever have.

Demiral Soliman | Via Facebook | 10/28/2014

This is the best, brightest and lightest light I have used, and the best part - it doesn't break the budget! I now find it difficult working without the use of this light, I even convinced my boss to buy the light as well! Lumadent have a fantastic product along with great customer service with a very quick response! highly recommended A++

David Semeniuk | Via Facebook | 06/20/2014

I have a lumadent light with x2 battery packs and a carry case for almost a year. The light is fantastic and I never need to use the brightest setting. The double battery pack means there is always a charged pack. A single charge usually lasts me multiple days with heavy.
I recently dropped the case and it broke but everything inside was fine. The customer service was friendly and prompt. They sent me a new case that arrived in 2 business days.
I would definitely recommend a lumadent light.
Dr ES 
Dentist in Brooklyn NY


Ehud S | Via Yelp | Brooklyn 02/19/2014





FACD 2014 via Youtube | 10/15/2013


Lumadent has great customer service with quick email replies and very helpful staff, their light is also fantastic and cheaper than almost any company, they also have customizable mounts so they can work for almost any loupes.

Highly recommended!!



John Guirguis | Via Facebook | 05/12/2014

I'm really impressed with LumaDent's customer service. It's so easy to get a real person on the phone, and they are very helpful! My LumaDent light is really great quality. The brightness, battery life, and weight of the light are excellent. Highly recommended!

Margret Ferr | Via Facebook | 04/03/2014

Although I am just getting around to purchasing a Lumadent headlight myself, last year one of my friends was looking for a light and I recommended he give you a try based on your good reviews I read on Dentaltown. I have to say he was more than impressed and both his wife and I have now purchased your product. I only write this to let you know of the positive reviews of your product I have already heard. I am looking forward to using my new light. Thanks for making a quality affordable product.

Gabe M | via email | 01/16/2012

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