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Fantastic product. Fantastic and very personal customer service. Had one for nearly a year and a half now. Will definitely be getting another one soon when I get some new loupes.

Don is a legend.

KarlPilkington | via DentalTown | 6/24/2012

When it came time to get a head light, all of my classmates recommended LumaDent as it is lightweight and bright. I have had my light for over a year now and have been very happy with it. Also, LumaDent's customer service is excellent! I highly recommend this head light for anyone looking for one.

Lauren Katz | Via Facebook | 9/03/2014

I'm really impressed with LumaDent's customer service. It's so easy to get a real person on the phone, and they are very helpful! My LumaDent light is really great quality. The brightness, battery life, and weight of the light are excellent. Highly recommended!

Margret Ferr | Via Facebook | 04/03/2014

Here's another very pleased owner of the Lumadent light... Everything works perfectly well. I associate in a few offices so I lug all my personal dental equipment from home to different offices. I'm guessing during a commute - I broke the battery AC adapter plug. I emailed Don asking where I could pick up a new plug. Within hours, he described what I would need to look for at a local RadioShack. Good customer service. Within 2 days (without asking), I receive a replacement adapter at no charge shipped to my home address. Incredible customer service! Don provides a great product at an unbeatable price and does so with excellent customer service.


Pedroburrito | via DentalTown | 04/22/2011

Recently purchased LumaDent light system for my dental loupes. Received in mail almost immediately. Design is top notch, exudes quality craftsmanship. Battery pack aluminum design is solid build quality. Innovative mounting system to safety glasses/loupes. Brighter than the competitors and at a significantly lower price point, can't be beat. Definitely one of my smartest purchases when it comes to dental equipment.

Rahul M | Via Google+ | 8/06/2014

Thanks Lumadent! We love our light for our loupes.


Whitney KcPike Via Facebook | 04/24/2014

Best headlights ever, I had seen my friend's Lumadent headlight and worked with it before deciding to purchase one for myself, and i gotta say these things rock! best customer service too. Very helpful, cheers.


Sina Soltani | Via Facebook | 03/12/2014

I have been using LumaDent since Nov 2010 - I always recommend headlights and this product seems to me to be the best deal around. I am also impressed by the customer service I have experienced since then. Anyone who is considering LumaDent - don't hesitate to get one.

Felipe Miranda | Via Facebook | 10/01/2014

Love your product!

Dr. Barbara Billings. DDS | Via Facebook | 9/30/2014

Very pleased with my LumaDent light! I love the light weight design and it has greatly improved my ability to visualize what I'm working on. The ability to control the amount / intensity of light is very convenient.

Isaac Morton | Via Google+ | 8/13/2014

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