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I choose Lumadent from the beginning for its compactness, weight and brightness. I have not been disappointed as i'm still using my original battery from 7 years ago. Purchased a back-up battery 2 years ago but have not had to use it yet. Great customer service (thanks Sally!)... proactively contacted me with a request to replace/upgrade my second battery due to possible manufacturing issues. I use Orascoptic loupes and the Lumadent light fits fine. Very satisfied with my light and the Lumadent company.

Alex Tipton | Via Email | January 2017

Excellent product. I bought loupes and a light last year at the dental meeting in New Orleans. I just bought another pair as a back up. Customer service is EXCELLENT!! Highly recommend them!!


Jackie Molina | Via Facebook | 08/25/2014

The best light I have owned, and I have tried several from many other brands. Even better than the light, however, is their "no nonsense" customer service. If you have a problem.... they take care of it. In my case, no questions asked. They want their customers to be satisfied with their product.

Ryan H | Via Google Plus | 10/26/2014

I am liking my Lumadent loupes. I bought them as a "back-up" pair to my DFV loupes, but I have liked them so much that they are now my go-to loupe. They are way lighter than my Buddy-Holly DFVs, and perform comparably. They are very reasonably priced.

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Townie Supporter | Via DentalTown | September 2015

LumadDent's customer service is excellent! Very responsive and willing to work with their customers. I definitely recommend buying a LumaDent light!


Jeff Cutler | Via Facebook | 05/23/2014

I tested a set recently (cant name the brand as it was a presale unit for review). They were terrible compared to my wired LumaDent. They power just wasn't there. I found using a short cord and placing the battery pack in my breast pocket eliminates the concerns of the cord, while keeping the long lasting and powerful battery pack. 

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Official Town Member | Via Dental Town | October 2016

When selecting loupe lights, I was very sensitive and even picky. I tried several companies but something was not enough. Lumadent light is the most cost-effective and has top notch customer service. Low heat radiation in front of my forehead, high intensity, uniform light field, easy-to-use, light weight, replaceable cables are really nice features. And you can fit lumadent light on everything, even your regular glasses.

Hantae C | Via Yelp | 04/10/2014

Very good light,happy with my purchase. Great customer service!


Saeedeh Azadi | Via Facebook | 03/12/2014

I like them so much that everybody gets one, including hygienists and assistants.  I have zero need for the crap overhead lights!!  Have had lumadent since the beginning and their customer service absolutely rocks, as they completely stand by their product.  And be sure to ask them for a townie discount when you purchase them.

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Townie Supporter | Via DentalTown | October 2016

I just received my LumaDent headlight and used it all day. Wow! This is amazing. I see things I never saw before. Really, I don't know how I worked without this light. I give them a big thumbs up.

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Mark Collins | Via Dental Town | September 2016

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