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I have been very happy with my lumadent light! The customer service has been wonderful. I would definitely recommend this brand to my colleagues.

Emily Lloyd | Via Facebook | 03/02/2014

I am the proud owner of three LumaDent Headlamps. I have been using their headlamps for the past 4-5 years. They are so reliable that when I built my current office I did not even include overhead lights on my dental chairs. I don't miss asking my assistant to redirect the light around my head. I use Orascoptic TTL 4.8X loupes and have more than enough light for surgical and endodontic procedures. Their customer support and top-notch and hassle free. Great company and products!


Christopher Cox | Via Facebook | 06/06/2014

Thank you LumaDent for helping me convert the headlamp from the Surgical TTL loopes to my new DFV TTL loopes. The conversion is said to be straight forward. The LumaDent light is the best


Ray Kessler Via Facebook | 04/30/2014

I have been very pleased with my light and the customer service I have received from LumaDent as a dental student. The few times I have needed to contact them for help, I have received it in a timely manner and it has solved the issue. I highly recommend them and their product.


Jeremy Lois | Via Facebook | 04/16/2014

LumaDent customer service is unrivaled. They go above and beyond to make sure my light stays functional. I broke a small plastic part on the mounting bracket and they shipped me a replacement that same day without cost. Their product is excellent. Having a cable that is detachable on both ends is very convenient. Highly recommend.


Matt West | Via Facebook | 01/14/2014

Great lighting system and even better customer service. Lumadent is by far the most popular lighting system among my classmates at the University of Louisville school of Dentistry. Couldn't be happier with the system and definitely think it is the best system for the value. The service rep Noe was great to deal with and offered first class service

Nathan T | Via Yelp | 06/04/2014

3 days ago my LF2 overhead lamp broke a spring and would not stay up.   Well I had not used that light in a couple years since going to Lumadents.  The repair guy was going to fix it and I said, no just throw this dinasaur into the boneyard!  The Lumadent beats any overhead lamp ever made, no question.  At a tenth the cost.


skr RDH | via DentalTown | 04/11/2012

I purchased my first set of lights back in 2011, and since then I can honestly say it's changed the way I do dentistry. The customer service by this folks are awesome, they go above and beyond to keep their customers happy. If you need a light this is definitely the one to get. On one occasion I was even sent a free 'updated' mount for my loupe as the screws for my model didn't fit right. Keep it up guys.


Dinesh Martin | Via Facebook | 03/04/2014

I have got to let you and your company know that the light has been the best investment in my practice of dental hygiene.The LumaDent headlamp is comfortable, lightweight, emits no heat, excellent brightness, color and diameter of spot, long battery life that lasted my 8+ hour days and easy controls made working in my 36th year of clinical hygiene the best yet. I am amazed at the visibility enhancement your light made with my Brasseler loupes-truly a winning combination. For the first time this week, in years, my family didn't hear me moan about aching neck, back, shoulders or headaches, I attribute this to my new LumaDent LED headlamp. I cannot thank you enough for your patience, informed information in LED equipment, demonstration and pleasant salesmanship; and most of all, for transforming me into an ergonomically happy hygienist after all these years.


Madalyn | | Via Email | 8/13/2012

I just want to say thank you for a great product. Received my LED this week and been using it constantly. Was a quarter of the price of the recommended LED for my Heine loupes. Thank you again.


Richard Annis via Email | 05/22/2014

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