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Great customer Services, ordered the headlights for my wife Exam from Australia. Had a small issue with the headlights then we spoke to Marks from customer support and in no time my problem was solved and he found me a solution. Thank you so much lumadent team

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Mohamed Radwan | Via Google reviews | October 2017

Not only a great product, the customer service is outstanding! Really an awesome company!

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Victoria Kheynis McQueen | Via Facebook | December 2016

I've had my light for 3 years, and it has served its purpose well. The mount however tends to loosen quickly and 2 light cords have stopped working in the span of ~3 years. Thankfully the cords are cheap to replace, and customer service is speedy w/ responses.

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Christine Vu | Via Facebook review | November 28th, 2017

This light has made such a difference for me! After trying out other brands, nothing is as good as Lumadent. Also, the customer service is impeccable. They are very quick to resolve any issues I have.

Monica | Via E-mail | August 2017

Great customer services, the LED light is small, I don't feel any weight on my lopus. I like Lumadent Lopus too, very clear. Compare with other brand name lopus Co., I can't tell the different but only the prices are differences with great values.

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Jennifer Yen | Via Facebook | April 2017


excellent customer service. Allie is the best, she is extremely responsive, called me back within 15 minutes of leaving a message requesting additional accessories. The product is amazing as well. Highly highly recommend the product and the company.


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Ben Liu | Via Google reviews | July 2016

Love my light, and especially love the extraordinary level of customer service!!! Thank you, Alex B!

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Nicolette Enhörning-Picton | Via Facebook | January 2017

I've had their headlight for about 3 years and I love it. Great quality of light, hardware and accessories. Excellent customer service. I have Designs for Vision loupes and they work well with them. Definitely recommend them as all dentists and hygienists should work with a light!

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Katrina Baeverstad | Via Google reviews | September 2017

LumaDent customer service is phenomenal. I have worked with Allie P. over the past month to purchase the right loupes and accessories. She answered each inquiry and provided me with the most professional service one could ask for. LumaDent is the true Cadillac of loupes and their service is second to none. I highly recommend them to any dental professional.

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Gary Nelson | Via facebook | December 2016

I have 2 pairs of lumadent loupes and 3 lights (one for mission trips) and I can't live without them. There were some issues with the cables last year and with the glue to hold the loupes in the glasses but both were addressed at no cost to me. The clip for the light on my frames moves a bit. Make sure you unclip the light before putting it in the box. The battery clip gives me a rash on my back but I have pretty sensitive skin. Overall happy.

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Kim Whippy | Via Facebook review | October 18, 2017

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