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I have a lumadent and it is fantastic. The light is excellent and the customer support you'll get from Don is unrivaled. The only reason I'd consider buying any other light is if you need a much brighter light for high magnification scopes (ie. 4.5 and up), at which point you're not really in the mini light category anymore.


Canucklehead | via Dentaltown | 09/28/2010

I wish I would have known about LumaDent when I was in dental school. I bought Heine loupes and an expensive, bulky Perioptix light. Both have broken several times over the years, have been expensive to fix, and hard to communicate with anyone for help. When my Perioptix light stopped working for the 3rd time, I finally bought a LumaDent light. Even though it's half the price of most other lights, it's twice the quality. When my Heine loupes finally broke enough to be completely useless, I ordered Orascoptic loupes and LumaDent loupes since I needed something quick, and hoped one of the two would work. An Orascoptic rep came and physically took my measurements, so I was a bit hesitant when I just sent a photo with a ruler to LumaDent. The Orascoptic (which were over twice as much) were heavy, blurry, and I had double vision, so I sent them back. I'm unsure how they mis-measured my eyes with their fancy eye measuring tool. I couldn't foresee LumaDent getting it right with just a photo, but when they came, they were perfect. Plus their frames were metal, instead of cheap plastic like Heine or Orascoptic. Having nice, clear, lightweight, well built loupes, with a tiny, bright light makes more of a difference that I could have imagined. The magnetic composite filter is very convenient as well. The only issue I've had is when my light burned out. LumaDent sent a new light 2nd day air, no charge with no hesitation. I'm sold on LumaDent for the quality of their products, reasonable price, and great customer service.

Adam Jensen | Via E-mail | March 2015

No overhead lights in my office, going on 2 years now.  Spend another $1000 and get a light for both assistants.  I dont have fiberoptic and I dont miss them one bit..   With a headlight mounted to my loupes... If I can see it, its lit up.  nothing a fiberoptic provides in addition to that. 

I use my lumadent with my 8.0x loupes and its perfect.  My assistant tells me that she hated overhead lights.   Hygienists each have loupes/lumadent also.  We have 5 lumadents in the office now and not a single overhead light.  Even if I did have overhead lighting I would still have 4 lumadents.  

Irfan | via DentalTown | 12/27/2012

Excellent customer service. The best light you will ever have.

Demiral Soliman | Via Facebook | 10/28/2014

I just received my loupes today! I am extremely impressed with the quality of your TTL loupes and light system! They are a perfect fit! Your customer service is second to none as I contacted three other loupe companies but decided to go with Lumadent based on other reviews and excellent service from Brandon Fettig. Thank you LUMADENT!

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Abbie Dyches | Via Facebook | June 2015

I do not know how I survived the first 3 years of dental school without my LumaDent loupe light. This light is truly incredible, lightweight, and a necessity to practicing dentistry. LumaDent has great customer service and if you ever have any issues they resolve them immediately. I highly recommend the LumaDent loupe light for all makes of loupes and you will not be disappointed.

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Zachary Kingsberg | Via Google Reviews | January 2015

I have 10 lumadent batteries and 2 loupes and they are awesome. Their customer service is awesome too.

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Tuan Pham | Via Google Reviews | October 2016

I have had my Lumadent for over a year now, and am very happy with it. In fact, I just got off the phone with customer service and they are absolutely wonderful. The light is very focused and bright. I can't imagine working without it. Thanks!!!

Ross Relte | Via Facebook | 8/28/2014

Another vote for Lumadent. I had to buy a second battery after about 2 years but that is about normal for lithium ion. 2 years in africa under the worst conditions you can imagine. Light held up great. Best price i have ever heard of. Also, ask for the box - it is great for storage of light and loupes and battery. Note: I have no financial stake in Lumadent, just really like the light and company because it is a good product minus the dreaded "medical mark up".

Mbullock79 | Via DentalTown | 10/30/2014

Very helpful customer service and great quality light. I have been very happy with their service!

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Staci Friese | Via Facebook | April 2016

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